Freeze Glasses

Product Price Quantity

9.8 oz. Beverage (C9328)

  • $14.95

8.5 oz. Pilsner (C9329)

  • $16.95


Your last sip is just as cold as your first…really! Simply freeze these glasses for one hour. A non-toxic cooling liquid layered within the double-walled glass keeps beverages chilled and frosty for at least 30 minutes after serving. And unlike ice, drinks won’t get watered down or form condensation around the glass. Dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass. Available in 9.8 oz. beverage and 8.5 oz. pilsner only.  


Item Number Product Description Availability
9328 9.8 oz. Beverage Item Available
9329 8.5 oz. Pilsner Item Available

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