Why can I only put one item in my cart?

We do not restrict the number of items you may purchase at one time on The problem is more than likely a simple issue with your browser, and the cache. Browsers (like Internet Explorer) remember where you have been in the past to make your internet experience move just a little bit faster. If too much of this information remains on your hard drive, then your browser may limit what you are able to do when shopping online.

When you are in your browser, select “tools” (or preferences, in some cases) and select “Options”. You will be given a box that allows you to delete cookies, temporary files and your history. Select to delete all three. You should be able to put more than one item into your cart now. These are all temporary files that your browser remembers. You will not lose any hard information. You will however, be required to re-log in if you have an account, since the cookie from the Fresh Finds site will also be deleted.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, it could be that cookies are disabled on your browser. Again, go to “Tools”, choose “Options”, and select “privacy” tab and click “Advanced”. The check box with “Override automatic cookie handling” should be unchecked.

Why do I get a security warning when I click "checkout"?

This is also a function of the preferences that are set on your browser. subscribes to the highest level of security available on the Internet to protect you and your personal information. However, if you request that your browser warn you when you are leaving an unsecure section of a site (such as the product detail pages) and entering a secure section of the site (such as the checkout process or logging in to “My Account”) you will receive this warning message.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email

It is possible that the email address you typed into your order may have been inadvertently misspelled, or the incorrect domain assigned.

It is always a good idea to print the confirmation page at the end of your shopping session so you have a hard copy of your order contents and order number.

Within 24 hours, you can check back on the site and search the database using multiple methods to make sure that your order went through. Or, if you need to know right away, call 1-800-860-6022 and Customer Service can make sure that the order was safely placed on

I placed an order, why can’t I view my account?

The My Account function requires you to register with the site. Placing an order on does not automatically create an account.

After you click “checkout”, you have the option of continuing the process one of three ways:

  1. Check out as a “guest” – no personal information is retained after you complete your order. You will still receive a confirmation email and be able to track your order, but there are no other benefits available to you as a user.
  2. Log In to your account – If you are not already logged in, this gives you the opportunity to take advantage of your stored billing and shipping address books to make your checkout just that much faster.
  3. Create an account – we also provide the opportunity to create an account at this point so you can see all the benefits of registering with

If you prefer not to register with the site, just click on the link called “Track My Order” and you can search the database to check on the status of your order.

I have an account, but I receive a message that says I don’t

If you have an active account. this message is usually displayed when a user name or password is incorrectly input into the log in screen. Just check you user name (make sure that it is the username you used to sign up with), and make sure that you type in your password carefully.

Also, please remember, placing an order on does not automatically create an account for you. We will never require that our customers register with our site.

Why can I only add one item to my Wish List?

You probably have "cookies" disabled on your browser settings, or for some reason your computer's hard drive can't write "cookie" files. In your browser, go to “Tools”, choose “Options”, and select “privacy” tab and click “Advanced”. The check box with “Override automatic cookie handling” should be unchecked.

If you are having difficulty setting this option, please email with your browser type and version, along with your operating system. (For example, Microsoft IE 6.0 on Windows XP).