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Friend (C1497)

  • $11.95 each
  • 2 or more for
    $10.99 each

Moon (C3341)

  • $11.95
    $9.99 each

Smiles (C3342)

  • $11.95
    $9.99 each

Sister (C1498)

  • $10.95
    $9.99 each
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A heartfelt way to show how much they mean to you! Each heart-shaped plaque features the original artwork of Wisconsin artist Michael Macone, etched in clay for added dimension and texture. Accompanying each is a poignant sentiment that beautifully captures the essence of the relationship. 2¾"W x 3-5/8"H x ¼"D.

Sister Plaque says - Sisters Share the Journey
Plaque says - Daughters are a blessing - especially mine


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1497 Friend In Stock
3341 Moon In Stock
3342 Smiles In Stock
1498 Sister In Stock

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