Electric Egg Cookers

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Single (F2968)

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Double-Decker (F3130)

  • $34.95 each
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Effortlessly prepare eggs with these electric egg cookers! It’s your call—enjoy eggs just the way you like them, boiled either hard or soft, poached or omelets, too. The Single layer egg cooker makes up to 7 boiled eggs, 4 poached eggs or 4 mini omelets. The double-decker egg cooker can make up to 12 boiled eggs, 7 poached eggs, 7 mini omelets or 1 large omelet, or mix-and-match eggs to everyone’s taste (soft boil on one level and poach on the other). Both feature an on/off switch and audible ready signal, so you can set it and walk away. The egg cookers’ covers and plastic accessory trays are dishwasher safe. Both come with a measuring cup and instructions; the double-decker cooker also includes a recipe guide.

"The automatic timer feature is great. Hard-boiled eggs peel easily." -Customer in Tennessee


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2968 Electric Egg Cooker In Stock
3130 Double-Decker In Stock

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