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Set/2 Crisper Drawer Insert (C3113)

  • $10.95 for a set of 2
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Tired of fresh fruits & veggies not lasting? The GreensaverTM storage system naturally prolongs the life of produce! Fruits & veggies give off ethylene gas—exposure to this gas speeds up the ripening process, potentially causing produce to go bad before enjoying. These containers have a nontoxic carbon filter made from coconut husks that absorbs escaping gas to keep foods fresher longer; a sliding vent allows you to achieve the right level of humidity inside the container. Available in 3 sizes. Each comes with 1 filter that lasts 90 days. The produce drawer insert mounts to the crisper wall to control the ethylene level within.


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3113 Set/2 Crisper Drawer Insert In Stock

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