X-Hose Pro®

Product Price Quantity

25-Ft. (E9958)

  • $29.95 each

50-Ft. (E9959)

  • $49.95 each

75-Ft. (E9960)

  • $69.95 each

100-Ft. (F9961)

  • $79.95 each

150-Ft. (F4468)

  • $99.95 each
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The X-Hose Pro is the incredible expanding hose with solid brass fittings!

  • A professional quality, commercial grade version of the popular expanding/contracting hose
  • Improvements include:
    • Thicker, stronger inner tubing and exterior webbing
    • Wider 3/4"-diameter opening for a more powerful spray
    • Solid brass fittings for added strength and durability
  • Still ultra-lightweight and easy to use
  • Will not twist, tangle or kink


Item Number Product Description Availability
9958 25-Ft. In Stock
9959 50-Ft. In Stock
9960 75-Ft. In Stock
9961 100-Ft. In Stock
4468 150-Ft. In Stock

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