Baking Keeper

Product Price Quantity

5 lb. Flour Keeper (E6791)

  • $18.95

1 lb. Powdered Sugar Keeper (C6792)

  • $13.95

2 lb. Brown Sugar Keeper (E6793)

  • $13.95

Set of 3 Keepers (M9034)

(one of each)

  • $43.50
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Freshness stays in, bugs stay out with these baking staples storage containers. The flour canister features a built-in leveler—perfect for baking. The integrated mesh top of the powdered sugar holder makes it a snap to dust baked goods. And your brown sugar will stay fresher and moister longer when you place the included terra cotta insert inside the container. All seal airtight thanks to a silicone ring. Lids effortlessly open with one hand. Dishwasher safe BPA-free plastic.


Item Number Product Description Availability
6791 5 lb. Flour Keeper In Stock
6792 1 lb. Powdered Sugar Keeper In Stock
6793 2 lb. Brown Sugar Keeper In Stock
9034 SET/3 KEEPERS In Stock

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