( C9945-1 ) Stacking Jewelry Organizers

$12.95 – $19.95
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Transform any dresser drawer into a jewelry box! These stacking velvety-lined trays keep your jewelry tangle-free and organized. Simply start with one or two base trays (16¼"W x 9"H), and then add as many stacking trays (8"W x 9"H) as you need. Plastic trays are 1½"H and have see-through dust covers.


Item Number Product Description Availability
2040 6-Section Base - Burgundy In Stock
2041 36-Section Base - Burgundy In Stock
2042 9-Section - Burgundy In Stock
2043 5-Section - Burgundy In Stock
2044 18-Section - Burgundy In Stock
2045 Bracelet/Watch - Burgundy In Stock
9946 6-Section Base - Blue Within 3 Weeks
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9948 36-Section Base - Blue In Stock
9950 9-Section - Blue In Stock
9952 5-Section - Blue In Stock
9954 18-Section - Blue In Stock
9956 Bracelet/Watch - Blue In Stock