Portable Soda Maker

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Stand (C1547)

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Portable soda maker takes up zero counter space! Plus, you can make your favorite carbonated drinks at a fraction of the cost. Simply fill the stainless steel flask with your favorite juice or beverage, close, insert a CO2 charging cartridge and shake. Unlike other systems, the Purefizz™ Sparkling Drink Maker allows you to carbonate any liquid… anywhere! Water, fruit juice, coffee, tea—the possibilities are endless. Carbonates three drinks per cartridge. The set includes a 3-cup stainless steel flask, stopper, charging cap, cartridge holder, funnel, 10 CO2 cartridges and recipes. Add the stand to conveniently store your Purefizz™ components and cartridges. Additional CO2 chargers are sold separately.


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1547 Stand Item Available

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