Shred Emulsifier™

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Black (F1359)

  • $149.95

White (F1360)

  • $149.95


Transform ordinary ingredients into nutrient-rich power meals! From making piping hot soups to chilled smoothies, the 1500-watt Shred Emulsifier™ does the job of 20 different kitchen appliances in 1 compact design. Its heavy-duty, double horsepower motor spins four surgically sharp stainless steel blades up to 30,000 RPMs to pulverize, liquefy and emulsify fresh fruits and veggies. The result? Foods retain all the healthy fiber, vitamins ande ssential phytonutrients your body needs. Centrifugal friction cooks food right in the carafe. LED display; 8 pre-programmed one-touch settings. Instructions and recipe book are included. BPA-free 70-oz. plastic carafe; hand wash recommended. 9¼"W x 8½"H x 10¼"D.


Item Number Product Description Availability
1359 Black Item Available
1360 White Item Available

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