Dry Goods Keepers

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5 lb Flour Keeper (E4420)

  • $17.95 each

1 lb Powdered Sugar Keeper (C4421)

  • $12.95 each

2 lb Brown Sugar Keeper (E4422)

  • $12.95 each

4 lb Sugar Keeper (E4423)

  • $14.95 each

1 lb Coffee Keeper (E4424)

  • $14.95 each

Set/3 1 each (Flour, Brown Sugar, & Powdered Sugar) (M9063)

  • $39.99 for a set of 3
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Freshness stays in, bugs stay out with these baking staples storage containers.

"Very nice product. May order another set later." -Customer in Alaska

  • Each container has features built in with your convenience in mind
  • Brown sugar will stay fresher & moister longer when you place the included terracotta insert inside the container
  • Powdered sugar holder has a measuring and sifting spoon that makes it a snap to dust baked goods
  • Sugar keeper has a handy pour spout and an easy-grip side
  • Flour has a removable leveler—perfect for baking
  • Flour and sugar keepers have cup markings etched on the container sides to help keep track of how much product is left
  • Coffee container comes with a measuring spoon (1 Tbsp.)
  • Each of the attachments snaps into the lid of its container
  • Containers seal airtight thanks to a silicone ring & snap close lids
  • Dishwasher safe BPA-free plastic


Item Number Product Description Availability
4420 5 lb Flour Keeper In Stock
4421 1 lb Powdered Sugar Keeper In Stock
4422 2 lb Brown Sugar Keeper In Stock
4423 4 lb Sugar Keeper In Stock
4424 1 lb Coffee Keeper In Stock
9063 Set/3 1 each (Flour, Brown Sugar, & Powdered Sugar In Stock

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