Eco-Friendly Planters

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1-1/2 Gal Herb (GR) (C4330)

  • $14.95

5-Gal. Round (BL) (E4331)

  • $17.95

7-Gal. Round (OR) (E4332)

  • $19.95

9-Gal. Potato (PU) (E4333)

  • $24.95

12-Gal. Raised Bed (RD) (E4334)

  • $24.95
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(C4330) Green 1½-Gallon Herb
(E4331) Blue 5-Gallon Round
(E4332) Orange 7-Gallon Round
(E4333) Purple 9-Gallon Potato
(E4334) Red 12-Gallon Raised Bed

The eco–friendly alternative to traditional planters!

  • These fabric planters are made from recycled water bottles
  • Select your planters and customize your own container garden
  • Constructed with a sturdy double-walled breathable fabric
  • Breathable fabric allows optimal air flow to promote healthy root growth
  • Grommet-reinforced holes in planters provide drainage
  • Double-stitched, durable handles for easy transport of plants to a sunny spot or more sheltered area, as needed
  • Multiple sizes
    • 1½-gallon Herb Planter with 3 pockets
    • 5- or 7-gallon Round Planter
    • 9-gallon Potato Planter with easy harvest front door
    • 23½”W x 10”H x 11¾”D Raised Bed Planter
  • Bright, saturated colors are as shown



Item Number Product Description Availability
4330 1-1/2 Gal Herb (GR) In Stock
4331 5-Gal. Round (BL) In Stock
4332 7-Gal. Round (OR) In Stock
4333 9-Gal. Potato (PU) In Stock
4334 12-Gal. Raised Bed (RD) In Stock

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