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Cereal Container (C2158)

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Keep yogurt or cereal cold while you’re on the go! Handy freezer-gel insulates the bases of these on-the-go containers. The yogurt to go cup fits most 6-oz. store-bought yogurt cups so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Cup can also hold 9½ oz. of your favorite food (think granola!) with the tray or 14 oz. without. The dual chambered cereal on the go container holds up to 1½ cups of cereal in the large upper section, and 5¼-oz. of milk inside the base. A folding, reusable spoon stores in the lid of the cereal container. Freezer-gel keeps contents cold for up to 4 hours. The yogurt to go cup or cereal to go container is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule and also makes a great gift.

C2157 Greek Yogurt Container (4½"-Diam. x 4¼"H)
C2158 Cereal Container (4"-Diam. x 6¼"D)


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