( Q9183 ) Sculpting Waist Shaper

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Tone and trim inches from your abs! This seamless, breathable shaper uses four-way stretch to support and smooth with 360° of instant slimming from under your bust to the tops of your thighs and erases up to 0.2" from your waist! How? Powerful microcapsules filled with fat-mobilizing caffeine and moisturizing shea butter work to slim and soften. Wear 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 28 days for optimal results. Active ingredients are effective for up to 20 washes. Hand washable.

Please specify size: S/M (6/10), L/XL (12/14), 2XL (16/18), 3XL (20/22), or 4XL (24/26).


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9188 XXXX-Large In Stock

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