Book Pillow

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Green Pillow (F6472)

  • $29.95

Blue Pillow (F6473)

  • $29.95

Burgundy Pillow (F6474)

  • $29.95

Turquoise Pillow (F8591)

  • $29.95

Taupe Pillow (F8592)

  • $29.95

Owl (F1692)

  • $29.95

Newsprint (F1693)

  • $29.95


Read your favorite books hands-free! This cleverly shaped book pillow holds books and E-readers at the ideal reading angle! It makes reading easy and comfortable whether you’re sitting in a bed or chair, on a table or floor—practically anywhere. Lightweight and comfortable, it features a ledge on all sides that prevents books from slipping off, and has 2 pockets for keeping pens, phones and more nearby. The tasseled bookmark is attached. Solids are faux-suede and prints are woven polyester with polyfill; hand wash. Imported.

Pillow (12¾"-Sq. x 7¼"H) 


Item Number Product Description Availability
6472 Green Pillow Item Available
6473 Blue Pillow Item Available
6474 Burgundy Pillow Item Available
8591 Turquoise Item Available
8592 Taupe Item Available
1692 Owl Item Available
1693 Newsprint Item Available

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