Fleece-Lined Tights, Leggings & Socks

Product Price Quantity

Size P/M (C5292)

Fits 95-140 lbs

  • $12.95 each

Size M/T (C5293)

Fits 140-180 lbs

  • $12.95 each

Size Queen (C5773)

Fits 180-240 lbs

  • $12.95 each

Regular Socks (C7132)

  • $12.95 each

Leggings - Size P/M (C8901)

fits 95-140 lbs.

  • $12.95 each

Leggings - Size M/T (C8902)

fits 140-180 lbs.

  • $12.95 each

Leggings - Size Queen (C8903)

180-240 lbs.

  • $12.95 each
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These cozy fleece tights and socks beat winter’s chill! Full-footed, fleece-lined tights offer stretchable comfort while looking totally fashionable. Super soft (not like those itchy wool tights!). A versatile addition to your wardrobe—thin enough to wear under dresses, thick enough to double as leggings. P/M fits 95-140 lbs.; M/T fits 140-180 lbs.; Queen fits 180-240 lbs. Fleece-lined knee-hi socks provide comfort and warmth without bulk, so they can be worn with most shoe styles. Regular fits women’s sock sizes 8-11; queen fits 10-13. You get 2 pairs of socks. Imported polyester/spandex. Hand wash.


Item Number Product Description Availability
5292 Size P/M In Stock
5293 Size M/T In Stock
5773 Size Queen In Stock
7132 Regular In Stock
8901 Size P/M In Stock
8902 Size M/T In Stock
8903 Size Queen In Stock

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