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Daylight floor lamp puts every detail into focus! Whether your passion is reading, sewing or crafting, this 2-in-1 hobby lamp makes sure you see it all. The full-spectrum daylight bulb reduces eye-strain while providing the most comfortable and accurate glare-free light for reading and working, and a rimless 1.75X magnifier provides extra magnification if needed. Uses an included 11-Watt Daylight™ bulb (equiv. to 60-Watts) that prevents harsh glare and distortion. 18½"W x 33"H x 6"D. 

Product Price Quantity

11-Watt (C7465)

  • $19.95

20-Watt (C7466)

(Equiv. to 100-Watts)

  • $24.95

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Item Number Product Description Availability
7465 11-Watt Item Available
7466 20-Watt Item Available

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