Outdoor Furniture Cloth Covers

Product Price Quantity

Sofa Cover (F7026)

(76"W x 32"H x 36"D)

  • $39.95

Round 5-Pc. Coverall (F7027)

(78" Diam. x 33"H)

  • $59.95

Rectangle/Oblong 7-Pc. Coverall (F7028)

(116"W x 35"H x 80"D)

  • $69.95

Chaise Cover (F7029)

(34"W x 30"H x 85"L)

  • $39.95

Chair Cover (E7030)

(26"W x 35"H x 27"D)

  • $24.95

Stacked Chair Cover (E7031)

(24"W x 42"H x 27"D)

  • $24.95

Adirondack Chair Cover (F9936)

(33"W x 40"H x 36"D)

  • $24.95

Love Seat Cover (E9937)

(64"W x 34"H x 34"D)

  • $34.95

Picnic Table & Benches Cover (F9938)

(72"W x 57"H x 30"D)

  • $34.95

Fire Pit Cover (F9939)

(34"-Diam. x 20"H)

  • $19.95


Stylish all-weather cloth covers provide year round protection!  These 100% waterproof and UV resistant cloth covers won't get wet in the rain or fade in the rays.  Their edges are sewn to provide exceptional durability and strength.  And, it all stays securely in place, thanks to rugged brass-coated grommets and heavy-duty ties with cord locks.  Made from a pliant 300-denier PVC-lined polyester that's stain, mold and mildew resistant.


Item Number Product Description Availability
7025 BICYCLE COVER Item Discontinued
7026 SOFA COVER Item Available
7027 RND TBL/CHR CV Item Available
7028 XL RECT TBL CV Item Available
7029 LONG CHAISE CV Item Available
7030 ARM CHAIR CV Item Available
7031 STACK CHAIR CV Item Available
9936 Adirondack Chair Cover Item Available
9937 Love Seat Cover Item Available
9938 Picnic Table & Benches Cover Item Available
9939 Fire Pit Cover Item Available

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