Pinchless Hair Removal System

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Pinchless Hair Removal System (E9389)

  • $79.95


Remove unwanted hair for good…painlessly! This handheld device gently transmits a harmless electrical current that, with regular use, destroys hair follicles right down to the root—just like they do in professional salons! Apply the conductive gel and sweep the roller over your legs, underarms and bikini line to eliminate hair and prevent re-growth. Set includes: hair removal wand, 2 interchangeable roller-ball tips, 6 self-adhesive gel pads, epilation cleanser, conductive gel, tweezers and a storage/carry case. Uses 2 AAA batteries, included. Replacement conductive gel (3-oz.) and set/6 patch refills are also available. The patch refill set includes 3 large rectangular, 1 banana and 2 round patches.


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9389 Pinchless Hair Removal System Item Available