Tortilla Shell Maker

Say “Adios” to the fryer—and build a better tortilla basket! It couldn’t be easier. Simply press a tortilla into a fluted shell pan, bake and fill. You’ll have all the crunch, all the flavor and none of the fat. Great for dips, salads… even desserts. Dishwasher safe non-stick steel pans provide for instant release and quick clean-up. Directions are included. Still craving more recipe ideas? Satisfy your spicy and sweet sides with our Tortilla Cookbook. The 101 inventive recipes put a tasty twist on tortillas and prove that nowadays, tortillas have delicious uses beyond the taco, fajita and burrito.

Product Price Quantity

Small Tortilla Maker (E1303)

6½" diameter (Set of 4)

  • $14.95

Large Tortilla Maker (E1302)

9" Diameter (Set of 2)

  • $14.95

Tortilla Cookbook (C1323)

  • $9.95
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1303 Small Tortilla Maker Item Available
1302 Large Tortilla Maker Item Available
1323 Tortilla Cookbook Item Available

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