( Q8595 ) Velvet Furniture Protectors

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Protect furniture from spills and stains with this lush, velvet furniture protector! This attractive diamond-quilted cover offers big-time coverage, protecting more than 90% of your furniture. The cover’s attached D-ring straps ensure that the cover stays in place, even with the busiest traffic. Easy-care, machine washable polyester. All sizes are 98½"-Deep and fit seat width up to: Chair (23"W), Loveseat (46"W), Sofa (68"W) and XL Sofa (78"W). Recliner/Wing Chair cover (without D-ring straps) is 76½"-Deep and fits seats up to 24"W. Imported

Chair Furniture Protector is not recommended for recliner or wing back style chairs.


Item Number Product Description Availability
3273 Cranberry / Recliner/Wing Chair In Stock
3274 Cranberry / XL Sofa In Stock
8596 Cranberry / Chair In Stock
8599 Cranberry / Loveseat In Stock
8600 Green / Loveseat In Stock
8602 Cranberry / Sofa In Stock