Wing Chair/Recliner Cover

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Microfiber (Beige) (E9554)

  • $24.95

Microfiber (Chocolate) (E9555)

  • $24.95

Microfiber (Green) (E9556)

  • $24.95

Microsuede (Tan) (E9558)

  • $29.95

Microsuede (Chocolate) (E9559)

  • $29.95
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New furniture protector size for hard-to-fit wing chairs and recliners! This machine washable quilted cover has a water-repellent, soilresistant finish that protects your favorite recliner or wing chair while giving you and your pets a cozy place to rest without soiling or damaging furniture. Imported washable. Available in Microfiber & Microsuede



Item Number Product Description Availability
9554 Beige / Wing Chair In Stock
9555 Chocolate / Wing Chair In Stock
9556 Green / Wing Chair In Stock
9558 Tan / Wing Chair In Stock
9559 Chocolate / Wing Chair In Stock

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