( Q4688 ) Elasticized Tablecloths

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Decorative elasticized tablecloths fit your table perfectly! These tablecloths have an elasticized edge that snugly fits tabletops without any overhang, bumps or gathers. The tablecloths are easy-to-clean vinyl backed with fabric that protects table surfaces from moisture and scratches. Wipe clean. Tablecloths are available in two shapes and eight different patterns. The Round cover fits tables up to 48"-diam.; the Oblong cover fits oval and rectangle tables up to 45"W x 68"L. 


Item Number Product Description Availability
1895 Green Marble Item Available
1896 Black Granite Item Available
1897 Tan Basketweave / 48" Round Item Available
4683 Round Terra Cotta Mosaic Item Available
4685 Round Gold Mosaic Item Available
4686 Round Brown Marble Item Available
4687 Round Gray Granite Item Discontinued
4689 Oblong Green Marble Item Available
4690 Oblong Black Granite Item Available
4692 Oblong Terra Cotta Mosaic Item Available
4693 Oblong Blue Mosaic Item Discontinued
4694 Oblong Gold Mosaic Item Available
4695 Oblong Brown Marble Item Available
7789 Tan Basketweave / 45 Item Available
7790 White Marble / 48 Item Available
7791 White Marble / 45 Item Available
7792 Gray Marble / 48 Item Available
7793 Gray Marble / 45 Item Available
7794 Gold Alabaster / 48 Item Available
7795 Gold Alabaster / 45 Item Available

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