( Q3747-1 ) Cobbler Apron

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Full-coverage cobbler apron is the perfect choice for messy jobs. When down and dirty chores come calling, turn to this Cobbler Apron for complete front and back protection. Apron features a wide and easy overhead neck opening with secure side ties. Deep front pockets are ideal for holding essentials. Durable poly/cotton twill apron is available in two sizes and five fashionable colors. Machine wash and dry. Imported.

"The perfect apron for use in my art studio! I own several." -Customer in Indiana


Item Number Product Description Availability
3748 Regular (20"W) - Royal In Stock
3749 Regular (20"W) - Khaki In Stock
3750 Regular (20"W) - Black In Stock
3751 Regular (20"W) - Red In Stock
3753 Plus Size (22"W) - Royal In Stock
3754 Plus Size (22"W) - Khakil In Stock
3755 Plus Size (22"W) - Black In Stock
3756 Plus Size (22"W) - Red In Stock
8586 Regular 20" W / Green In Stock
8587 Green / Plus Size 22" W In Stock