Pocket Hose™ Ultra

Product Price Quantity

25 ft Hose (C9207)

  • $12.95

50 ft Hose (C9208)

  • $19.95

100 ft Hose (C9209)

  • $39.95


Pocket Hose™ Ultra automatically expands & contracts! No more having to struggle with heavy, tangled hoses—superstrong, yet lightweight, flexible material expands up to three times its length for full, easy flow, and then reverts back to its compact size when water is turned off! Won't kink either! The AmberTip™ tight seal connectors prevent water leaks and hose rupture. Plus, the hose sleeve has been treated with an upgraded SolarStripe™ UV-protection to prevent deterioration caused by UVrays. Great for washing cars, hosing walkways or patios and watering garden beds. Available in 3 lengths that expand from 8 ft. to 25 ft., from 20 ft. to 50 ft. and from 43 ft. to 100 ft.


Item Number Product Description Availability
9207 25 ft Hose Item Available
9208 50 ft Hose Item Available
9209 100 ft Hose Item Available