Pantry Door Rack

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18 in.W Door Rack (F1468)

  • $24.95 each

24in.W Door Rack (F1597)

  • $29.95 each
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Have a door? Now you can have extra storage with a pantry door rack! Everyone can use more storage space, and this sturdy PVC-coated steel wire rack turns almost any door into a versatile storage solution. The pantry door storage system holds everything from canned goods to tall bottles to toiletries... even videos! Eight sturdy shelves easily adjust to different heights... reposition them to create the customized organization you need. Simple installation, mounting hardware included. 72" High. Available in either 18" or 24"-Wide.

"Space saver and hides on the back of door. I am very pleased with this purchase." -Customer in Virginia


Item Number Product Description Availability
1468 18 in.W Door Rack In Stock
1597 24 in. Pantry Door Rack In Stock

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