Dog Planters

Product Price Quantity

Schnauzer (13"H) (E6426)

  • $34.95

French Bulldog (9¼"H) (E6427)

  • $34.95

Pug (8"H) (E6428)

  • $34.95

Yorkie (12" H) (E7329)

  • $34.95


Fun dog breed planters display your favorite foliage! These planters provide a practical and playful place for plants, potted flowers, herbs and so much more. Their heads and tails “bob” on removable springs (remove for easier planting and storage). Place anywhere in or outdoors. Each holds a 4"-diameter pot. Painted metal.


Item Number Product Description Availability
6426 Schnauzer (13"H) Item Available
6427 French Bulldog (9¼"H) Item Available
6428 Pug (8") Item Available
7329 Yorkie Item Available

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