Hurricane® Spin Mop

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Hurricane® Spin Mop (F8878)

  • $39.95 each

Replacement Mop Head (E2052)

  • $9.95 each
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Clean, dry and polish all at once with these Spin Mop! Their super-absorbent mop heads soak up to 10X their weight in dirty, grimy water, trapping it inside so it doesn’t drip! When done, just place the mop head into the wringing basket and watch it spin dry without ever having to touch the dirty water! The mop heads turn a full 360°, making it a breeze to get into the tightest corners. The Hurricane® Spin Mop has a foot pedal to activate the spinning basket. Mop come with 1 mop head; replacements are available. Aluminum handle is 45"-long.


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8878 Hurricane® Spin Mop In Stock
2052 Replacement Mop Head In Stock