Standing Shoe Racks

Product Price Quantity

20-Pair Rack (F1836)

36"W x 20½"H

  • $29.95

30-Pair Rack (F1837)

21½"W x 55½"H

  • $39.95

50-Pair Rack (F1838)

35½"W x 55½"H

  • $59.95


Super-size shoe racks put an end to frantic searching of the closet floor! Instead of groping around in the dark, line up all your pairs of shoes on these handy racks, and you’ll always know where to find them! Available in 3 sizes: 20-pair, 30-pair or 50-pair. All 3 sizes are 10" deep. Sturdy metal and plastic.


Item Number Product Description Availability
1836 20-Pair Rack (36"W x 20½"H) Item Available
1837 30-Pair Rack (21½"W x 55½"H) Item Available
1838 50-Pair Rack (35½"W x 55½"H) Item Available