Taco Rack & Quesadilla Basket

Infuse tacos & quesadillas with smoky grilled flavor! Taco rack’s design allows for even heating from every direction—great for melting cheese! Before serving, load the tacos with your favorite cold toppings. Build your quesadilla with your favorite cheeses, meats and toppings, and then place it inside the locking basket. Grill until the cheese melts and the tortilla turns a delicious golden brown. Wooden handle. Non-stick finishes make for easy clean up. Hand wash.

#E9405 Taco Rack (14½"W x 31/8"H x 5"D)
#E9406 Quesadilla Basket (12"-Diam. x 23"L)

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Taco Rack (E9405)

  • $16.95
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9405 Taco Rack Item Available

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