Magnetic Board

Product Price Quantity

Home Board (G7698)

  • $39.95

Brocade Board (G7699)

  • $39.95

Set/4 Number Magnets (C7700)

  • $9.95

Set/3 Frame Magnets (C7701)

  • $14.99


Framed magnetic boards let you display important stuff without having to pierce them with a pushpin! These magnetic boards are like a modern-day corkboard sans the cork and pins. Hang invites, coupons, pictures or recipes. Show off your favorite people with the magnetic frames. Or prioritize your to-do list with the numbered magnets. Magnetic boards are 23½"W x 29½"H x ½"D and available in two designs; each comes with 2 round black magnets. Magnetic Board ($5 Add’l Shipping)


Item Number Product Description Availability
7698 Home Board Item Available
7699 Brocade Board Item Available
7700 Set/4 Number Magnets Item Available
7701 Set/3 Frame Magnets Item Available