10 Outdoor Entertainment Tips To Make Your House the Place to Be This Summer


When the hot summer weather finally comes around, nobody wants to be cooped up indoors. Summer is the time for backyard parties, warm nights around the fire, and watching thunderstorms from the porch. However, a backyard gathering can go sour quickly if you realize you haven’t prepared accordingly. From food preparation and comfortable seating to music and bug repellant, Fresh Finds has everything you need to provide the outdoor entertainment that keeps guests and neighbors asking “when’s the next party?”

Follow these ten tips to make sure you’re prepared to host your next outdoor gathering without a worry in the world!

1. Comfort is King

When hosting a fun outdoor get-together, the name of the game is comfort. You and your guests should be focused on one thing — relaxation. Especially after a long work week, there is no better feeling than kicking your feet up and soaking in some sunlight. Make it easy for everyone to relax by offering comfortable seating such as benches, hanging swings, or soft chairs. For patio furniture which might not be so forgiving toward your back, outdoor pillows and cushions can provide a fast and comfortable solution. This way, everyone can take a load off while enjoying summertime weather and the relaxation that comes with it.

2. Easy Access

If you’ve ever been to or hosted a backyard barbeque, you know the hassle of people constantly opening the door to come in and out of the house. Add full hands into that equation, and you’ve got a constant struggle which makes it that much harder to enter or exit the house. Don’t even get us started on the bugs that get inside during this process. However, there is a solution. Adding a simple and easy-to-install instant screen doesn’t just let guests and pets pass through with ease, but it keeps all those pesky bugs outside — where they belong.

3. Serve with a Strategy

When you are getting ready to invite friends and family over, you might be tempted to go above and beyond with the food that you provide. While this is always a nice gesture if you can pull it off, there is a simpler, yet equally effective method available. Rather than spending hours in the kitchen beforehand, keep it simple with the food you serve. Chances are, your guests are expecting burgers, hot dogs, and other summertime snacks, so give the people what they want! With tools like a burger press or corn stripper, you can make cooking even easier by streamlining the process and leaving yourself more time to relax.

4. Stay Fresh

One of the toughest parts of hosting an outdoor gathering is keeping the food fresh for a lengthy period of time. Since these types of parties are typically buffet-style, it becomes the host’s responsibility to keep the hot food hot and the cold food nice and cold. With hot summer air and wind to contend with, this might be easier said than done. However, using sealable Fancy Panz from Fresh Finds, you can keep food covered as long as necessary so it remains fresh and delicious for your guests to enjoy.

5. No Child Left Behind

If you aren’t accustomed to having children around the house, it can be all too easy to forget to provide seating for your guests’ kids. You might have planned out every last detail, food item, and decoration, but if you forgot that your nephew needs a high-chair, you could have a problem on your hands. If you plan to do some outdoor entertaining this summer, pick up one or two portable high-chairs from Fresh Finds. Not only will you always have the kids taken care of, but they are compact and can be easily tucked away until your next family gathering.

6. Condiment Consolidation

Picture this: you just finished grilling up some perfectly shaped burgers (thanks, burger press!), hot dogs, and corn on the cob for an entire party’s worth of people. The food is cooked to perfection, but where are the condiments? Nobody likes scrambling to find things like ketchup, mustard, or butter at the last second while the food gets cold. Instead, find a handy tool like a wicker picnic organizer to keep all of the condiments, plates, silverware, and napkins in one easily-accessible location.

7. Work Smarter, Not Harder

One of the top reasons why people avoid hosting gatherings is the task of cleaning up. While the party itself is always a great time, once the people are gone and all that’s left is the mess, you might be feeling differently. However, the clean-up is never as bad as it sounds. In fact, you can take steps to make it that much easier on yourself. One great way to achieve this is to use elasticized tablecloths from Fresh Finds to cover your dining area. Not only will they make the clean-up process simple and easy, but they come with a number of elegant designs that exceed what anyone expects from an outdoor table cover.  

8. Decorate to Impress

In all the commotion surrounding food preparation and setup, it can be surprisingly easy to forget about the decorations. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just getting together to enjoy a beautiful summer day, decorations can add a festive element that sets the scene perfectly. The best part? You truly don’t need to go overboard to enhance the look and feel of your backyard. Just a few pieces of outdoor decor, games, or a flag bunting will liven up the space and give guests an extra reason to celebrate!

9. Keep the Bugs Out

After a long day in the summer sun, there are few things more soothing than watching the evening set in. The sun goes down, the air gets cool, yet comfortable, and there’s just one problem — the bugs. As soon as that heat lets up, here come the mosquitoes to spoil the fun. There is, however, a simple fix. Keep an electric insect trap like the Bug Rocket in one corner of your yard, and you’ll be done swatting flies all summer long! With no chemicals or zapper involved, you can rest assured that it does the trick without harming any small children or pets.

10. Don’t Forget Dessert

What’s better than a tasty ice cream cone in the summertime? We can answer that for you — nothing! One of the best ways to cap off a fun-filled day in the sun is with some great dessert offerings. Whether you are baking cakes, brownies, or scooping ice cream onto a slice of warm apple pie, dessert is typically the easiest, yet most delicious course which will keep both adults and kids happy as can be!

If you follow these simple steps and take a look at the infographic below, your yard will be the top spot for outdoor entertainment all summer long! Check out our vast inventory to find your next household solution from Fresh Finds today!

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