3 Easy Ways to Design Your Perfect Garden


Spring is in full bloom, making it the perfect time to give your garden a little makeover. After all, who doesn’t love showing off a beautiful landscape to all the neighbors?

With a few sprinkles of strategy and sunshine, your garden could grow to its potential. And the best part of transforming your garden is that it can be extremely simple with the right game plan. If you break down your garden plan step-by-step, you can easily figure out what you need, how to complete tasks, and how to tie it all together.

Whether you’re adding some extra touches to your garden or starting from scratch, there are three steps you can follow to design it to your standards.

Step 1: Shape Your Scenery

First comes shaping the scenery. This means that you need to prioritize the shape of your garden and your lawn before determining what to add. By understanding the shape and going from there, you’ll be able to fill in the space with what you want; but before that, you have to get the space ready to fill and prioritize each individual section of your yard. There are two main ways to shape your garden and prep it for planting:

Manage growth of plants

Let’s be honest: overgrown and messy plants are not the prettiest sight. So before you can get to designing your dream garden, you have to start by managing the plants you have and keeping up with the ones you plan to grow.

  • To manage your garden, you should organize and trim up any problem plants. You can do this by purchasing just a few gadgets, such as a pruning tool. With pruning tools, trimmers, and more, you can reach bushes, trees, and other plants that have extra branches or limbs. Get rid of those unwanted branches and shape your garden the way you want.

Define the space

One of the most important parts of shaping your garden is defining it and making it truly your own. Having a garden that fits seamlessly into the landscape of your yard offers guests a warm,  welcoming feeling as they arrive at your home. You can define your garden with small decorations, fencing, and other accessories to make it its own little oasis.

  • Add a welcoming touch with something like a personalized lawn plaque. With a personalized decoration, you are shaping your garden to be truly one-of-a-kind, and you’re also putting your personal stamp on it.

Both of these steps help set your scene and lay the necessary groundwork. Once your layout is established, you can move on to brightening things up a bit with a pop of color.

Step 2:  Add a Splash of Vibrant Color

This is the part when you can get especially creative by painting the canvas of your garden with splashes of color. You can experiment with varying hues to make your garden the brightest on the block.

Whoever labeled gardeners as people with “green thumbs” have another thing coming, because your garden can go way beyond a simple green color. Throw in pops of purple, pink, blue, and red to make your space a colorful paradise.

Think you’re running out of places and ways to add color? If so, keep in mind all of the options that your garden has to offer. Here are some unconventional ways to broaden your palette:

  1. Add color to simple structures

When adding color to your garden, the possibilities are endless. You can add color to almost anything, even down to the tree stumps. You can even wrap flowers around trees to make them stand out in a very simple way.

  2. Fill in empty spaces

You can make any surface burst with color. If your garden has a section of browned grass or soil, don’t leave it looking drab. With a quick addition, everything can be vibrant. For example, you can pop in a fruit or vegetable planter, like a tomato planter, to break up the green. (And you’ll also get a delicious homegrown tomato out of it!)

  3. Work with levels

You aren’t just limited to the ground when it comes to brightening up the space. You can hang plants, put some decorations on the porch, and more. By placing plastic planters on your porch, for example, you can both utilize the space and mix different colors for a unique look. Planters are available in a variety of colors along with the flowers inside of them, allowing you to play with complementary and contrasting options.

Taking advantage of your garden’s levels adds depth to your yard and makes use of the space you have. After adding these small touches, you can significantly expand your garden and turn it into a rainbow of color before your eyes.

Now that your garden is colorful, it’s time to put it in the spotlight for the world to see.

Step 3: Illuminate Your Space

Your garden is spacious and beautiful, so now you can show it off. Make your garden shine with creative uses of light throughout the space. Add tiny twinkles or sweeping pools of light with some easy-to-install lighting accents.

To give your individual plants even more color, try something like a color-changing flood light. This is a simple way to light up your entire yard and make your flowers glisten in the night, morning, and every time in between. Those colors you worked so hard to add can now be enhanced and mixed with others.

Once your flowers are standing out, the rest of the garden can join them. Your garden can shine even on the darkest days with the use of pathway lights. You can use path lights along your walkway or near the steps to illuminate the way.

And when you’re trying to keep the critters away from your work of art, use solar lights to ward them off, protect your plants, and alert you when they’re around. With tools like solar night eyes alarm lights, you will get notified if you have to keep an eye out for a hungry deer. Not only are lights a beautiful addition to your garden, but they promote safety and security.

The Final Product

Congratulations! You’ve completed steps 1, 2, and 3, and your garden is now a complete masterpiece. Once you shape, add color to, and illuminate your garden, everything will come to fruition and your garden will be completely one-of-a-kind.

You can do it all on your own with a few simple tricks and products that are easy to find. With help from Fresh Finds, you can transform your garden into the beautiful landscape you’ve always dreamed of. For more inspiration to help bring your garden to life, visit https://www.freshfinds.com/outdoor.

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