Bring Order to Your Backyard with These Helpful Organizers!


Your backyard should be a relaxing oasis for reading, gardening, entertaining guests, and spending time with loved ones. This outdoor space is home to many precious memories, so you need to take good care of it!

Don’t leave your backyard a mess with garden hoses sprawled on the grass, your lawn piled with clippings, or your furniture weather-worn. Instead, grab a few products that will simplify your life, beautify your backyard, and make you excited to show off your outdoor space.

Protect Your Patio Furniture from Weather Damage

Even the toughest patio furniture can deteriorate after years of sitting out in the elements. Rain and snow will cause wooden furniture to develop mildew, while sunshine causes cracking, fading, and deterioration in most items. If you don’t have enough room to store your outdoor furniture in your shed or garage, give them an extra layer of protection. Waterproof and UV-resistant outdoor furniture covers will safely shield all of your patio furniture.

Help Your Gardening Skills Bloom

Even if you have a green thumb, there are challenges that you’ll face in your quest to grow a thriving garden: too much rain, too little sun, hungry pests, just to name a few. Plus, digging holes and hauling around pots can be exhausting work! Give your back a break with a potted plant mover that makes it easy to shift heavy planters across decks, cobblestone, and grass or a raised planter box that lets you stand while tending your garden.

You might also find that one hose isn’t enough to handle both your garden and your other outdoor chores. A hose splitter will let you attach up to four hoses to one spigot, so your family can simultaneously wash the car, water the garden, and set up a sprinkler for the kids!

Don’t Leave Hoses to Snake Across Your Grass

Many homeowners love having several working hoses, but don’t always enjoy tripping over them, or wrestling them back in place. Save yourself the stress and neatly store your hoses on rolling hose carts or keep them safely out of sight in beautiful hose hideaways.

Create Elegant Hidden Storage Spaces

Which of these would you like your guests to see in your backyard?

  • Air conditioner

  • Garbage cans

  • Garden gear

  • Septic pipes

  • Tree stumps

Don’t worry if your answer was “None of the Above.” It’s easy to keep all of your home’s items out of sight and out of mind when you put up a stylish resin privacy screen or hang a cloth privacy screen from your fence or deck. You can also tuck smaller items under faux rocks that effortlessly blend in with your beautiful outdoor decor.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Pristine

When you invite guests over, you probably take some time to straighten up the inside of your house. However, you may not always do the same with your backyard. Fortunately, with the right tools, your outdoor space will look stunning. You can use a lawn sweeper to effortlessly pick up leaves, brush, lawn clippings, and everything else that’s cluttering your beautiful grass.

Finally, when your backyard is clean and orderly, it’s time to tackle the rest of your home. At Fresh Finds, we make it easy to find the organizers, problem solvers, and everyday items that you need. Explore the vast inventory at Fresh Finds, and discover your next household solution!

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