Building the Perfect Backyard for Summer Relaxation


After the winter has thawed and the flowers have bloomed, summer weather is on the horizon. For most people, that means one thing: it’s time for relaxation. However, if you don’t have an ideal space to unwind in your yard or on your patio, you could be spending half the season indoors. Instead, beat the heat by setting yourself up with a gorgeous shady space to enjoy the warm air and refreshing summer breeze. By making just a few small adjustments and adding some simple, yet elegant decor, you can revitalize your backyard, making it the place to be all summer long!

At Fresh Finds, we specialize in providing customers with incredible home and garden products to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. From rejuvenating your garden to adding accents to make your yard more inviting, you’ll find everything you need and more in our vast online inventory. If you’ve been considering refreshing your yard, but thinking “where do I even begin?” — don’t worry. By taking just a few simple steps and adding a handful of useful outdoor home and garden products, your home will be the perfect spot to hang and relax in no time.

Let us help you get started:

Garden & Landscaping

The very first step to creating your own personal backyard oasis is to revisit the current state of your garden and landscape. While some may hear the word landscaping and immediately think of hard labor, that is not always the case. In fact, revamping your garden doesn’t have to be a long or arduous process. By selecting just a few components to accentuate the best features of your existing yard, you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful outdoor space.

One of the best ways to get started with this project is to lay down a roll-out garden mat. These mats are embedded with flower seeds and require only regular watering. This way, you can plant an entire garden worth of flowers in a short amount of time and with little-to-no physical labor. These garden mats and the flowers that grow out of them serve as the base of your garden, allowing you to build and customize your space around the lush array of beautiful colors.

Once you’ve laid the foundation, you can begin to add extra garden features such as life-like topiaries, or a tasteful floral bird bath to give your yard a bright and stylish makeover. When it comes to adding these types of accenting products, the key is to fill the space in your garden without overcrowding it. We recommend lining the edges of your yard and garden with items such as a self-watering planter, which will look great without requiring any hard work or maintenance on your end. Once you’ve put together a gorgeous garden as the bedrock of your yard, you’ll be ready to add any range of additional features.

Outdoor Decor

What good is a beautiful garden without a relaxing area to sit and enjoy it? You can easily tie your entire space together by adding just a few outdoor decor items. You may want to start with something that can give your yard a new spatial dimension such as a customizable privacy screen. These screens can not only serve as a border between different areas of your yard, but they can be used to hide unsightly, yet necessary elements such as an air conditioner or storage area.

Unless the ground is your idea of a cozy place to sit, you’ll want some outdoor furniture so you can relax comfortably in the sun or shade. Fresh Finds carries classic-style metal benches which are not only inviting, but built to last outside for years to come. For extra relaxation, we recommend including ultra-soft pillows and cushions made for patio furniture.

At this point, your new summertime hangout spot is nearly complete. Next, it will be time to add a few finishing touches to give the space a pleasant and welcoming feeling. This is the part where you get to be extra creative and truly express yourself by adding items that represent you and your family. By adding things that speak to you like an enchanting tree of life wind chime or colorful 3D wallflowers, you can give your yard a level of personalization that will wow your guests and neighbors.

Using Your New Space

Once you’ve perfected your garden and added an array of outdoor furniture and decor, you’ll have a gorgeous finished product. Now comes the fun part — deciding how you’ll utilize your new space! With a beautiful new backyard, you’ll be able to entertain all kinds of guests for all sorts of occasions throughout the warm summer months. Become the first choice for family events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, or graduation celebrations. This way, you and the whole family can enjoy the beautiful yard you’ve created.

Additionally, your new space will be the envy of your neighbors, opening the door for barbeques, play dates for the kids, or just about anything else you can imagine — the possibilities are endless! Of course, your new space will also serve as the best spot to get away from it all. Whether you use your new summer oasis as your new favorite spot to curl up with a good book or have your morning coffee, you’ll find an all-new appreciation for your yard that will last for years to come.

At Fresh Finds, we’ve spent years providing customers with the useful home and garden products they need to fully rejuvenate their yard and build their ideal summertime sanctuary. To learn more or browse the hundreds of affordable products in our inventory, visit today!

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