Get Organized for 2019


The New Year is the perfect time to embrace new beginnings and work toward your goals. When the clock strikes midnight this year, make a resolution to clear out clutter and organize your space for 2019. You can reinvent your home and your daily life with these outstanding organizing solutions from Fresh Finds!

Make Any Kitchen Your Dream Kitchen

Cabinets are overflowing, countertops are covered, and drawers are cluttered. Is your kitchen too small — or do you just need a few clever organizers to unlock its potential? Start with a Skillet Organizer, which lets you neatly stack pots, pans, and lids in your cabinets or on your counter. This organizer can stand up vertically or lay horizontally, so it fits in any space.

Next, give yourself tons of extra storage space with a Pantry Door Rack. This sturdy storage system has eight adjustable shelves. You can also use a Set of 2 Drawer Dividers to make sure that your cutlery, utensils, and gadgets stay in place. Their spring-loaded design installs in seconds, and non-slip rubber ends will ensure a secure fit.

Your Bathroom Will Always Be Organized

No matter what your style, clutter-free counters are the way to go! A stainless steel Toothbrush Organizer will neatly store up to four toothbrushes, plus a tube of toothpaste. It even has a removable plastic divider that makes cleaning a breeze.

Next, it’s time to organize your shower. An Expanding Shower Caddy is the custom storage solution that you need! This rust-resistant, fully adjustable caddy has four shelves to fit all of your bath supplies.

Say Goodbye to Cluttered Closets

Your bedroom should be your oasis, but how can you relax when it looks like a wardrobe avalanche just hit? First, check your closet. Are empty hangers hogging valuable space? Stash them in an easy-to-carry Hanger Holder, which makes recycling unwanted hangers or returning them to the dry cleaner a snap!

Next, let’s consider your shoe collection. Whether you own 20, 30, or 50 pairs, a Standing Shoe Rack will neatly line up your favorite footwear. Finally, consider your growing pile of purses. It’s time to display them with pride. Set up a Handbag / Purse Organizer in your bedroom to store them beautifully.

Your Office Will Be a Welcoming Workspace

Is your home office turning into a disaster zone? It’s time to clear the mess of your desk and better organize your office supplies. You can move paper piles into neatly-organized files with a gorgeous, faux-leather File Tote Organizer. This extra-sturdy tote bag has two removal metal rails to hang all of your file folders.

Then, add some new furniture to safely and stylishly store all of your office essentials. Rolling Storage Carts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that feature up to eight drawers. Plus, all of these designs boast a warm honey finish. You can also store your supplies in a 10-Drawer Cart with frosted white drawers and a chrome-plated steel frame.

Are You Ready for the New Year?

With these incredible storage organizers for sale online at Fresh Finds, your home will look brand new for 2019!

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