Refresh Your Home for the Fall Season!


At Fresh Finds, we are so excited for the fall season! Crisp temperatures, colorful leaves, pumpkin-flavored treats...what’s not to love?

It can be tough to get in the mood for comfy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes when your home is still set up for the summertime, though, so here are a few great ways to refresh your home for the fall.

Get Nice and Cozy

Fall is the perfect time to snuggle up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider. Make your couch a little more comfy with adorable seasonal pillows! You can choose your favorite autumn patterns, from a harvest-themed design to a Thanksgiving turkey. You can also give your bedroom sophisticated style with a cozy patchwork quilt.

Enhance Your Home With New Furniture

As the weather gets chillier, you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors. Now is the time to change up your home’s interior and make sure its design works for you. For example, you can create big function in a small space with a console table and bench. Set it in your entryway with a few framed photos on top and decorations, or use it in an office area. You can also display your novels and knick-knacks with a beautiful folding bookcase.

Swap Out a Few Key Items

Next, choose a few pieces — from the wall to the floor — that show off the vibrant colors of fall. First, hang a large multi-colored clock that features earth tones, hues of green, dark burgundy, and other luxurious shades. Then, lay down a soft and lovely carpet, such as a:

Set a Relaxing Mood

New lights can reinvent your space, and soft lighting will instantly set you at ease. Replace your old light fixtures with an autumn-themed lamp that features intertwining leafy vines with a bronze finish. It will complement your interior decor perfectly! You can also supplement your existing lighting with antique-style candle lanterns that let you safely brighten up your home.

Scent is just as vital to relaxation as sight, so consider using an essential oil diffuser. Just set a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the diffuser, and its gentle aroma will fill up the room.

Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Space

The weather may be cooler, but you don't have to stay inside all the time. Create fall flair in your outdoor space when you hang a tranquil fall wind chime on your patio or in your backyard. Just close your eyes and listen as its colored glass “leaves” move in the breeze and mimic the serene sound of a trickling stream.

You can also welcome your friends and neighbors with a lighted maple wreath. Its sparkling lights, real pinecones, and bright-orange maple leaves will make everyone smile as they walk through your front door.

How Will You Bring the Autumn Season Into Your Home?

Fall will turn to winter before you know it, so don’t wait to decorate. You can find plenty of adorable autumn decor at Fresh Finds. Explore our vast selection of household items today!

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