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Copper Chef Black Diamond Collection

The Copper Chef Black Diamond Collection is infused with thousands of real diamond particles for maximum durability. Cerami-Tech means nothing sticks to the surface so you can cook without added fats or oils and the 3-D texture helps fats drain away. The frying pans feature a stainless steel induction plate that ensures superior heat conduction for perfect, even cooking every time. Revolutionary square pans give you 25% more room to cook food. The king-size 12" pans let you cook a whole meal in one pan. Works on all stove tops: gas, electric, ceramic and induction. Heavy-duty 5-layer construction with riveted handles for extra-secure grip. Cleanup is fast and easy with no soaking or scrubbing required.

Detailed Product Specifications

Made from:
Stainless steel

8" Round pan
8" and 10" Round pans
9.5" Square pan with lid
10" Round pan with lid
12" Round pan with lid
12" Square pan with lid

10-Pc. Pan Set includes:
- 4.5-qt. Casserole pan with lid
- 2-qt. Sauce pan with lid
- 8" Round pan
- 10" Round pan with lid
- Slotted spatula
- Serving spoon
- Steamer

Dishwasher safe

Fresh Finds prod3780018
8" Round Pan 14.95 752356828721
9.5" Square Pan 19.95 752356828707
10" Round Pan 24.95 752356828257
8"and 10" Round Pan 29.95 752356828271
12" Round Pan 29.95 752356828295
12" Square Pan 39.95 752356829070
10 Pc. Pan Set 99.95 752356828868