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Kitchen Keepers

Keep bugs out and freshness in with these Kitchen Keepers! Each container has a snap-closed lid with a silicone ring that forms an airtight seal. The Cereal Keeper is contoured for one-handed pouring, with a wide mouth that makes it easy to dispense any kind of cereal. The Pasta Keeper's sliding lid allows you to measure 1, 2 or 3 servings of spaghetti. The Brown Sugar Keeper includes a terracotta insert to keep the sugar fresher, softer and moister. The Powdered Sugar Keeper includes a measuring and sifting spoon. The Sugar Keeper has a handy pour spout and an easy-grip side. The Flour Keeper includes a removable leveler. Each of the attachments snaps into the lid of its container. The 2-pc. Seasoning Set preserves the freshness of spices, herbs and homemade seasoning mixes. Removable shaker screen neatly dispenses small ingredients by sprinkling or pouring. The Bread Keeper keeps loaves fresh and includes a fold-down bread board with cutting guides and a retractable air vent to adjust for varying conditions.

Detailed Product Specifications

Made from:

Cereal, 16.3 cup
Pasta, 2 lb.
Brown Sugar, 2 lb.
Powdered Sugar, 1 lb.
Sugar, 4 lb.
Flour, 5 lb.
Seasoning Set, 5 oz., each
Bread, 7"W x 7-1/2"D x 7-1/4"H

Dishwasher safe

Fresh Finds prod3780342
Seasoning Set 9.95 078915059079
Brown Sugar Keeper 12.95 078915049568
Powered Sugar Keeper 12.95 078915049575
Sugar Keeper 14.95 078915049599
Cereal Keeper 17.95 078915055033
Flour Keeper 17.95 078915049551
Pasta Keeper 17.95 078915053237
Bread Keeper 24.95 078915050335