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Bring Personality to Your Home with a Cozy Low Profile Area Rug for Sale at Fresh Finds!

Add color to any room in your home with a unique low profile area rug from Fresh Finds. We have a variety of patterns, materials, and features to fit your needs. Our rugs provide stability, comfort, beauty, durability, eco-friendliness, and more! 

Rugs You Won’t Trip Over 

Many of our rugs have non-slip features, such as no-curl edges, stay-flat memory, and non-slip backing. For example, some rugs feature latex backing so that they won’t slip and slide on your floors. These plush rugs come in a large, square checkerboard pattern in several optional colors, and they are available in five different sizes, plus as a set of four stair treads. 

You can also buy reusable carpet grippers that will secure any rug to any surface, including hardwood, tile, and linoleum. With these carpet grippers, your rugs will stop moving, bunching, and curling up at the corners. 

Made in America and Eco-Friendly 

Many of the low profile area rugs in our collection are made in the USA. If you see that red, white, and blue label on a product photo, then you know that your purchase will support American jobs and manufacturers. One standout Made in America rug is a beautiful multi-hued rug that comes in several gorgeous designs. This cushy, durable rug has a non-slip backing and (like many of our rugs) is machine washable. 

Another Made in America rug is the earth-friendly area rug. This rug will remain vibrant and stain-free for years to come, and its beautiful scattered leaf design is inspired by nature. 

Colorful Bathroom Mats 

Give your bathroom a whole new style just by laying down a low profile rug. Stylish, easy-care throw rugs combine crocheted design and scalloped edges for a timeless charm. Round, 32-inch floral bath rugs feature a tufted blossom in taupe, blue, and lilac. Elegantly designed carved border bath rugs quickly soak up water so that you always have a plush place to step. Finally, our classic, slip-resistant bath rugs come in eight colors and four sizes. All of these options are soft, colorful, and machine washable. 

All-Weather Mats 

Our all-weather mats have built-in ridges that absorb rain, snow, ice, dirt, and debris. These durable rubber mats won’t ever fade, mildew, or rot. They are slip-resistant and easy to clean — just vacuum or hose down. Other outdoor mats are great for decorating a deck or patio. 

Stair Treads 

Add a decorative touch to your beautiful stairs while protecting them from daily wear and tear. Several of our rugs come in stair treads that securely grip your stairs and are tough enough to withstand pets and kids. For example, our all-weather mats offer sets of four stair treads in dogwood leaf, squares, and diamond patterns.  

Electrostatic Carpet Cleaner 

Once you have the low profile area rug of your dreams, you need to keep it clean. That’s when you buy an electrostatic carpet sweeper, which works on both your carpets and hard floors. This sweeper uses no electricity and no batteries. The rotation of its bristle brush forms a powerful electrostatic charge that effortlessly picks up dust, pet hair, paperclips, glass, and other messes. 

Buy a Low Profile Rug Online Today 

No matter what you need—non-slip, eco-friendly, all-weather, or just decorative—we have the gorgeous, durable low profile area rug that you need online at Fresh Finds!

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