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Raise your hand if you love the look and smell of a freshly cleaned house. Now, keep that hand in the air if you like doing your daily household chores to maintain that fresh and clean smell.  

Whether you kept your hand raised or put it down, whether you enjoy cleaning or avoid it like the plague, there’s no question that cleaning is a task that has to be done. At Fresh Finds we offer affordable household cleaning products and home solutions that can cut your cleaning time in half! So if you find yourself buried in a mountain of laundry or have a sink full of dishes, let Fresh Finds start making your home life easier with our large selection of household cleaning products today. 

Shop Cleaning Items For Every Room

Cleaning often ends up at the bottom of our to-do list, mainly because we have so many other things going on in our lives that we forget we have a house to maintain. The week, or maybe even the month starts off with a fresh and tidy house, but then as the days go by dust starts to build, crumbs are everywhere, and you find yourself struggling to keep up.  

At Fresh Finds we have a wide variety of household cleaning products and organization items that are suitable for every room in the house. These one-of-a-kind products will not only keep your home cleaner for a markedly longer period of time, but will also help you keep each room in your house organized.  

Here are our favorite household cleaning products, broken down into categories, for every room in your house! 

Living Room

One of the most frequented rooms in the entire house, the living room, gets a lot of foot traffic and tends to be the first room to build the most clutter. Fresh Finds top picks for easy living room clean-up include

    A baseboard cleaner to trap and lock dirt in one swift movement. Adapts to the shape of any baseboard or molding.

    A 4-in-1 floor mop to create a beautiful finish to any hardwood floor surface.


If left alone for too long the kitchen can get very dirty, very quickly. Use these household cleaning products to make the cleaning process swift and painless!

    A roll-up drying rack will give you more drying room as it turns the sink into extra counter space! And when you are done drying, it rolls up for slim storage.

    A microwave cleaner that you simply fill with water and vinegar that will melt away stains in under 10 minutes.


Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom, and that’s a fact. What if we told you with our collection of bathroom cleaning and organization supplies, you won’t have to dread cleaning the bathroom ever again?

    Drain cleaner sticks are little gems that break down and digest drain pipe buildup all year long. Just one enzyme stick a month and odors will be gone!

    A comfortable kneeling pad comes in handy when you have to clean the tub. A good comfort pad will be water resistant, lightweight, and utilize shock-absorbing memory foam. 

Fresh Finds is dedicated to bringing our customers innovative and high-quality cleaning products for every room in the home. If you are not 100% delighted with your purchase, please let us know so we can make things right! Browse our entire inventory of household cleaning products today! 

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