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Jun 23, 2015
Been using this for years. Love it!
There is nothing to say about this product other than "Buy it!" NOW! Yep, NOW!
Jun 06, 2015
Great Egg Cooker
This is a Great product, does just what it say's and works great. Very easy to use. Just wish they would make the, how much water marks on the fill cup easier to read, otherwise, I love it, use it every day.
Jun 05, 2015
I would buy this product again
easy to use . Works great. Eggs are cooked to perfection.
Apr 23, 2015
My husband loves soft boiled eggs and in the past they have always been a hassle. Now he can do it himself . Hurrah
Oct 22, 2014
Grand little machine
I find it very efficient as well as attractive.
Apr 13, 2014
Unit is defective.it won't heat up.
Apr 12, 2014
Performs as advertised
Have used for poaching and hard boiling. Works great!
Mar 07, 2014
Worked Great!
I've used this so far for poached eggs, and it worked perfectly. It's fool proof! Just read and follow the directions, and you're set. It's also easy to clean. I can't wait to use it for hard boiled eggs and for future poached egg breakfasts. Recommend!
Jan 21, 2014
It worked like it was supposed to !
It took a couple of tries to make the eggs come out right. But now, it works perfectly every time.
Jan 13, 2014
I bought one for my son, and my grandson
I bought it for my son because he has a problem making hard boiled eggs. My grandson was there when we tried it and so I had to order one for him too. Wish I had one.
Dec 22, 2013
Love this little appliance!
I was skeptical, but bought this little cooker anyway based on its reviews. First time I used it, cooked 7 perfect hard boiled eggs, easy to peel later as well. Very impressed, glad I purchased it, and will use a LOT!
Nov 10, 2013
Love my eggs!
We use this daily! The eggs come out perfect and they are so easy to peel!! That is the best thing about this is the easy peeling!! We love our eggs!!
Jan 07, 2013
Eggs are done effortlessly
Eggs are done in no time and are very hard boiled
Dec 14, 2011
Love it!
Easy way to cook eggs. always come out as expected.
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