(C7647) Color-Coded Oxygen Meter

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Monitoring your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate has never been easier! Fingertip pulse meter quickly and accurately measures changes in blood oxygen levels through the fingernail—without needle sticks or drawing blood!

  • Large LCD backlit display tracks Pulse Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) levels, pulse rate and pulse intensity
  • At a glance, the backlit display will show you a color indication of your oxygen saturation levels:
    • Green is Normal—SpO2% 95-100
    • Yellow indicates Caution—SpO2% 91-94
    • Red signals Alert—SpO2% 90 and below
  • Just put one finger into the rubber clamp of the Oxygen Meter, and press the power button to start
  • Uses 2 AAA Batteries, not included
  • Comes with a lanyard, instruction sheet and storage pouch
  • Portable Oxygen Meter is meant for home and sport or recreational use—It is not intended for medical diagnostic or treatment use




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