Festive Furniture Protectors

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Recliner / Wing Chair (F4461)

(65" W x 78" L)

  • $29.95 each

Loveseat (88 in. W x 75.5 in. L) (F4462)

  • $34.95 each

Sofa (110 in. W x 75.5 in. L) (F4463)

  • $44.95 each

XL Sofa (120 in. W x 75.5 in. L) (F4464)

  • $54.95 each
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Keep furniture free of spills, dirt and pet hair!  Now all the seats in your home can remain the best (looking!) seats.

  • Furniture protector stops messes, marks, mud and more right in their tracks
  • Super soft microfiber fabric
  • Features an elegant pattern of scrolls and arabesques printed over a repeating color scheme of complimentary earth tones
  • Machine washable polyester
  • Imported
  • F4461 - Recliner/Wing Chair (65"W x 78"L)
  • F4462 - Loveseat (88W x 75½"L)
  • F4463 - Sofa (110"W x 75½"L)
  • F4464 - XL Sofa (120"W x 75½"L)


Based on 11 reviews
Jun 01, 2017
The furniture protector is great just what I needed.
The furniture protector was just what I was looking for .
May 10, 2017
Looks beautiful. Will go nicely in our travel trailer this s
Haven't used it yet.
Apr 22, 2017
so so
Would be better if it was longer and have more material for the back
Feb 22, 2017
Sofa Cover
It fits really well on the sofa and I like the design
Jan 20, 2017
No I wouldn't it does not stay where you want.
Still looking for a good product
Dec 31, 2016
Great looking but no attachments
I love the colors and pattern, and the material isn't scratchy. However, there is no way to secure the cover onto the sofa, like ties, Velcro, elastic or what have you. Very disappointed, it's on its way back for a refund.
Dec 21, 2016
I love this cover
covers the small sofa in the den
Nov 24, 2016
Contemporary Furniture Best use.
It does the job but the size is really not XL so if you have a 75 wide couch, you will find the arms are a bit short. Front too.
Oct 28, 2016
Sent back
As soon as I sat on the chair the cover started crawling. Would not stay in place plus the cheap feeling fabric did not suit me at all. Pretty color though.
Oct 01, 2016
I would definitely buy this item again!
My husband has a man-cave, and his recliner chair needed perking up. This cover makes such a difference. The earth tones and beautiful. My husband says it makes his chair more comfortable.
Sep 24, 2016
Really Looks Nice
I bought this sofa cover to protect our new sofa from dog hair. It looks really nice & is more attractive than the solid colored covers I have seen. The problem is slippage. It constantly has to be repositioned. Perhaps the size from top to bottom, not width should be larger. I suspect this problem occurs with most sofa pet protectors, especially a lightweight one like this. I now have a heavy quilt on my sofa. I can't return this because our dog chewed it. I like it, but the dog doesn't! Recommending this item depends on the size of your sofa, mine is large, and temperament of your dog, he doesn't like change..
Item Number Product Description Availability
4461 Recliner / Wing Chair (65" W x 78" L) In Stock
4462 Loveseat (88 in. W x 75.5 in. L) In Stock
4463 Sofa (110 in. W x 75.5 in. L) In Stock
4464 XL Sofa (120 in. W x 75.5 in. L) In Stock