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Full Set with Handle Red (E9349)

  • $44.95
    $39.99 each

Full Set with Handle Purple (E9350)

  • $44.95
    $39.99 each

Set/4 Add-On Curlers Red (C9351)

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Full Set + Add-On Curler Set Red (M9049)

  • $69.99
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Love loose, flowing curls? Now you can dry, style and curl with this all-in-one set! Click-n-Curl™ includes everything you need to get that just-from-the-salon look right at home. Each of the six vented curlers “click” into the handle, turning it into a round brush. Blow dry and then press the release button to leave the curler in your hair to set your style, no clips required. Use on wet or dry hair—the ceramic-coated curlers are designed to retain heat. Universal handle has a comfortable, non-slip grip. Hair dryer not included. Curlers are available in 2 sizes: 1¼"-diameter (Red) for shorter hair or 2¼"-diameter (Purple) for medium to long hair. Need more curlers? The add-on set includes 4 extra curlers.


Based on 13 reviews
Mar 17, 2016
Not for fine hair
Great idea, but if your hair is fine the rollers won't stay in. Need some king of clip to hold in place. I kept them and am looking for some jaw clips that will work. Would be nice if they came with some.
Feb 17, 2016
These are amazing!
I love these! I've only had for a short time but I can't do my hair without them now. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it but I'm so glad I kept trying. I get so many compliments on my hair. The body is unbelievable. It's not a hard / forced curl like you get with a curling iron or hot rollers.
Nov 15, 2015
9349-1 Click-n-Curl
These were the worst curlers I have ever tried in over 40 years!!!!! And the fact that I had to pay to mail them back and you do not get refunded shipping and handling taught me a good lesson. I am no longer to order things from your catalog.
Sep 23, 2015
Curl that lasts
bought the large rollers first, loved them soo much I ordered the smaller ones for top of head, love them also but wish they also came with 6 instead of 4. They make the hair smooth and just the right amount of curl and HOLD style all day. Looooove them !!!!! leaving in after brushing almost all dry makes a GREAT style
Sep 01, 2015
Waste of time and money and do not work
The curlers do not snap off readily. It takes a lot of time to get the curler off the handle. The bristles are very poor quality, very cheap, and do not hold the curlers in place. Pins or clips would be required to hold them in place. Save money, get real, good quality curlers, or use several round brushes with good quality bristles. These also take alot of space for storage, ceratainly a bad combination: space hog plus worthless for hair styling. Do not buy these.
Jul 09, 2015
Not happy with the way you put them in hair or the results
I used the curler on myself and followed instructions. The curls were hard to make stay in hair. I'm senting them back, it would be nice if you would refund for the return shipping. Thank You
Jun 30, 2015
Not worth the money!
I would have returned this product if I hadn't thrown away the box. What a waste of money.
Jun 09, 2015
May 17, 2015
Love these...they are easy and give me a lot of volume.
Same as review
Nov 15, 2014
takes three times longer than my hot rol
returning it today for a refund
Oct 29, 2014
click n curl
Gives my hair just the right amount of curl and volume
Jul 11, 2014
Better than curling iron
I am not great with hair products, although I have tried many for my very fine, often frizzy hair. These are easy to use and produce a nice soft curl. I just wish they came with a pouch for carrying them when I travel.
Apr 21, 2014
Great for straight hair
I have very straight hair. This is easy to use and gives body and a slight curl at the bottom of my hair. Hair dries very quickly. Expensive but worth the cost.
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9349 Full Set with Handle Red In Stock
9350 Full Set with Handle Purple In Stock
9351 Set/4 Add-On Curlers Red In Stock
9049 Full Set + Add-On Curler Set Red In Stock

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