(C7801) Corn Stripper

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Strip corn kernels with just a twist! Simply insert a corn cob into the cylinder and gently press down and twist—the stainless steel blade neatly cuts kernels in one shot without mangling them. Plus, there’s no mess since the cut kernels land in the canister. Suitable for removing kernels from raw, defrosted, frozen or cooked corn cobs. 10½"H x 2¾"-Diam; ½-cup capacity. ABS plastic chamber. Dishwasher safe.

"I have tried several gizmos to remove corn from husks, but this is the best. In five seconds or less, you can remove all the kernels from a cob, then reload and do another one. I just purchased 5 more to give to everyone in my family." -Customer in Maryland


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Oct 06, 2016
great product - well designed - easy to clean
great well designed product, everything should be this great,
Sep 30, 2016
Wow, finally found a corn cutter that works like a charm.
I've bought so many corn cob strippers over the years. This one is the best!
Sep 23, 2016
LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT best purchase have made this year
Strip lots of corn, it just goes much faster and does a better job than a knife
Aug 27, 2016
I love it, I was able to get the corn done quickly.
First time I used it, I made cream corn. Told my husband, no one better not steal my corn stripper.
Aug 24, 2016
Awesome product
Best purchase I ever made! It works great; a simple idea but wonderful use!
Aug 24, 2016
Fun to use.
It's so nice to just slip this over an ear of corn and have the kernels just fall off into the container.
Aug 21, 2016
I would buy this for a friend
To remove corn from the cob.
Aug 21, 2016
Best kitchen gadget I've ever purchased!
My husband has dentures but loves fresh corn. This gadget gives him fresh corn off the cob without the worry about the dentures.
Jul 28, 2016
I would buy again!
We freeze a ton of corn and this has taken the stripping time to a minimum. The only way it could be better is if the cutter was adjustable.
Jul 27, 2016
works just like they said
works good on full ears of corn .
Jul 22, 2016
love this
love this...
Jul 16, 2016
Better than any. Have ever tried
I have tried a number of corn strippers and these people got it right! Does what it promises. Great when preparing a lot of corn for freezing. Makes it a breeze!
Jul 16, 2016
Highly Reccomend & Would Purchase Again for Family
LOVE this corn stripper! So easy to use & so efficient, you get much more off a cob of corn this way without any mess to clean up. Very fast & easy stripping the cob. This is truly a great gadget. I'm very happy to have found it.
Jul 13, 2016
Just received mine the other day. My husband stripped a dozen ears of corn in 5 minutes. This is a miracle tool!!! We will be freezing a lot of corn this summer....much quicker than ever before!! I highly recommend this item!!
Jun 13, 2016
Good stripper, but doesn't take enough off cob.
I do a lot of corn every year, for the freezer. We also cut it off cob when eating at dinner. I thought it cut corn as described, but it didn't get close enough to cob. It left a lot of kernels on cob. I still had to use sharp knife to cut rest of kernels off cob. It will be fine for use at dinner, but I was a little disappointed that it would not be practical for the amount I put in freezer. I would recommend this for small amount of corn.
Sep 29, 2015
I haven't gotten to try it for canning yet, but in doing a few ears of corn I felt that it was better than cutting corn off cob with a knife!
Sep 17, 2015
I had to buy a second one
I've bought a few corn strippers in my life. NONE worked as good as this one. My daughter tried it and wants one. So I got her one! That's how great they are!
Aug 28, 2015
best corn stripper--EVER!!!
I've tried many supposed corn strippers,this is by-far THE best!
Aug 24, 2015
Quick & Easy
Overall I was impressed with the result from this product. It was easy to use, and much faster than just using a knife to cut the kernels off the cob.
Aug 23, 2015
this is the best thing since sliced bread.
have 2 other corn strippers and this one is the best and easy to use.
Aug 09, 2015
Quick and easy
I will be freezng more corn this winter. Takes seconds to use.
Aug 06, 2015
this corn stripper works wonderfully!!
it was all good
Jan 26, 2015
Awesome corn stripper
I bought one of these for a gift and one for myself. Loved it works just as says. Easy to clean, comes completely apart. I love cut corn off the cob and it has never been so easy to do. Will buy more for gifts.
Jul 03, 2014
"I would buy this product for gifts.
This is amazing. Every one at the party had a go at it. Works remarkably, fast, easy and efficient.
Jul 01, 2013
Best ever!
I have tried several gizmos to remove corn from husks, but this is the best. In five seconds or less, you can remove all the kernels from a cob, then reload and do another one. I just purchased 5 more to give to everyone in my family.
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