(F5225) Rolling Household Dolly

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This rolling dolly easily hauls and carries almost anything inside and outside your house!

  • Weighs only 5 lb. but handles loads up to 200 lb.
  • Big 6"-diameter wheels roll easily over uneven yard surfaces and can even tackle steps and curbs
  • Use it to haul heavy loads
    • Boxes
    • Groceries
    • Household items
    • Gardening supplies
    • … And so much more!
  • Heavy-duty tubular steel frame with comfortable foam grips
  • Folds flat for storage
  • 15¾"W x 37"H x 14"D when opened
  • Base measures 12-1/2" W x 7-1/2" D




Based on 8 reviews
Jul 08, 2017
Handy Dolly
Good product. User friendly design.
Jun 20, 2017
On the move anywere with ease
Like the other have said, it is wonderful hand cart. Easiest to handle, use, and store. Best size I've ever had. Per the look in the catalog, I especially liked the fact that it has its base that is raised to wheel height. Therefore, no need to rock or lean cart back to start moving it.
Apr 07, 2017
I love My dolly
To bring things in the house
Apr 03, 2017
I love this dolly!
I use this dolly to deliver heavy packages. I'm a rural mail carrier and I needed a dolly that wasn't just as heavy as the packages and compact enough to fit in the delivery truck. This dolly fits the bill! It's very easy to unfold and set-up and it can hold all the weight I'm required to handle. The wheels are plastic but seem to work well on uneven surfaces. The only thing I would change is the handle. It would be nice if it adjusted to accommodate hauling taller items. I purchased a bungee cord to secure the taller packages and it works perfectly! I'm thinking of buying another dolly for household use. This would also be helpful when moving college students into dorms.
Apr 02, 2017
Couldn't have moved without it!!
I just moved to a new condo, down two sets of concrete exterior stairs. I've had to carry medium to heavy personal items both up and down, and the dolly saved me dozens of trips and lots of energy. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have found it. I shopped others that were much larger, heavier, and more costly, but this little gem did all I needed for such a small investment. If it broke tomorrow (which I don't expect) it would still have been worth it. I'll continue to use and enjoy having it.
Feb 08, 2017
The Dolly is very handy.
I use the rolling dolly to haul a small recycling bin to the curb. It is wonderful.
Feb 02, 2017
This is worth its weight in gold
Moving wood pellet bags a wonderful thing
Jan 14, 2017
Every household needs this!!!!
I realized I needed something like this during holiday season as I was mailing boxes via the post office. I would have several mid to oversized boxes that I could not carry into the post office without assistance or making several trips. I was looking at similar items that would do the trick, however, as soon as I saw this I knew that this is exactly what I was looking for. It is not oversized like something used commercially. This is appropriate for household use, very female-friendly. I especially like how it folds up compactly and could be easily stored in one's vehicle for handy use. One of my friends noted that base is raised from the ground unlike the commercial ones that are at ground level. This keeps the packages level and from tipping. The only problem I found is that a bungee cord is needed to make certain your carried items don't fall off once you begin transporting. But that's easy to resolve.
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