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Elasticized tablecloths beautifully protect your table!

  • Easy-care elasticized covers provide a snug and perfect fit for any table
  • Flannel backings protect table surfaces from moisture and scratches
  • Wipe-clean vinyl surface keeps covers looking good year-round!
  • Elasticized tablecloths are available in 3 sizes
    • 48" Round (fits 40"-44" table)
    • 60" Round (fits 45"-56" table)
    • 52" x 76" Oval (fits 42"-68" table)
  • Imported

Some of the sizes and colors are no longer available.


Based on 169 reviews
Nov 12, 2017
Fit perfectly and really practical
Oct 29, 2017
Fruit Tablecloth
I like the idea that it fits my round table perfectly, and matches my curtains, and saves my oak table top. I don't like the fact that it doesn't hold up very well. The slightest poke, etc, rips the tablecloth. I wish they made them stronger like years ago, when they were sort of a linoleum finish.
Jun 25, 2017
Very cheap material. I would not recommend it.
I have already thrown it away.
Jun 17, 2017
Great outdoor tablecloth
Great for my outdoor table. Doesn't blow around and looks great
Jun 09, 2017
I would buy this product again!
My Mom had a hard time finding a fitted tablecloth that would fit her table. I ordered one at first and when she was so happy with I ordered her 3 more!
Jun 02, 2017
Covering an old Table
I brought two more of the table clothes, very useful.
May 24, 2017
I would not bother with this product
I ordered the wood grain print. It was not attractive!
May 23, 2017
Very nice
I purchased 3 of these and have all three on different tables. They are really nice and a fresh change from cloth that hangs down and gets pulled by little ones (and some adults). Wipe it clean and enjoy the mosaic beauty. The covers have wrinkles at first but trust me (I am picky) they work out after a few days. I am buying 2 more today.
May 18, 2017
This was junk cheaply made. It tore the day I put it on. Will not buy again
May 01, 2017
They fit!
Have had trouble finding an elasticized tablecloth for my oval table. So pleased your company had one that worked!
Apr 26, 2017
Not a quality product
Unable to remove the numerous wrinkles appearing across the tablecloth.
Apr 02, 2017
The tablecloth is too "baggy" and looks awful.
Can I return them at no charge to myself?
Mar 18, 2017
So excited to try thought definite answer to problem. Was worst! Did not come close to fitting. I don't know who measured/made but back to drawing board.
Mar 17, 2017
Purchased several and love them
Easy to put on table, Nice looking, Easy to clean , Never blows away , Covers umbrella hole so we can plat rummy cube.
Feb 28, 2017
Love the product hate the customer service
I love this product. I tried ordering some more online but every time I went to checkout, they were not in my shopping cart (even though I kept getting emails about items left in my shopping cart). I called to let them know of the problem and spoke with a very rude woman named Brenda who kept arguing with me after the item number even though I was reading it directly from the website. I continued with my order because I needed the tablecloths and didn't have time to look for them elsewhere but I will not be ordering from this company again. I will find a similar product at a different company.
Feb 23, 2017
Would not purchase again
Item was so wrinkled. Unable to get the wrinkles out.
Feb 22, 2017
Would buy again
Helps protect wood on my dinette set
Feb 09, 2017
Works great
Very nice
Feb 02, 2017
I love the tablecloth and the elastic is just what I wanted
I use the tablecloth every day and I have liked it really well.
Jan 29, 2017
They stay on the table no slipping off table.......
They stay in place
Jan 21, 2017
Thumbs down......
I didn't return these 2 items. Too much trouble. The items were perfect for hat I needed but, alas, they didn't even come close to fitting the table and are no useless.
Jan 09, 2017
I'm on the fence on this one.
I love that this tablecloth is elasticized as they are hard to find in the 60" size, however, they are not very durable. They are thin and the plastic rips very easy.
Jan 08, 2017
Great product!
Absolutely love these table covers. I bought two. Perfect to protect table when the grandkids visit. Great design choices too. Highly recommend.
Jan 03, 2017
hoped it would be good for my table but it didn't fit
Dec 30, 2016
I will always buy this kind of table cloth.
I love, love this elasticze table cloth because it stays in place and it looks so nice on my table.
Dec 25, 2016
Would be good if packed well.
The tablecloth would be perfect if it were packed correctly. When I received it, only one part was smooth; the rest was badly wrinkled and took a few weeks before it began to smooth out. It's a generally good idea badly delivered.
Dec 22, 2016
Would not purchase again
Tablecloth is made with flimsy vinyl that easily tore. Ordered a 48" round but received a 40" to 44" round tablecloth. Called Fresh Finds and was told the 48" round would not fit a 48" round table. Really??? Why list the tablecloth as 48" if it only fits tables up to 44"? I asked the sales rep to make sure the 60" was available before placing a second order. Availability was confirmed by the rep. Two days later I received an email that size was out of stock with no projected date for arrival. Will not order from Fresh Finds again.
Oct 28, 2016
Pleased with the product would order again
Oct 27, 2016
Ordered 3 and like only one.
The two wood grain tablecloths are very thin, flimsy, hard to put on table and look very cheap.
Oct 14, 2016
Exactly What I was looking for!
We use this product to protect our new glass table.
Oct 06, 2016
Loved it everyone thinks i bought a new table ordered 2 more
Great fit, looks like a new table
Oct 04, 2016
I would buy again.
Just what I wanted. Like the looks and so far the wear...
Oct 02, 2016
It was an inch too small. Didn't fit table.
Sep 25, 2016
I have several the last one is wrinkled can't get them out
Sep 19, 2016
Stocked up so I don't run out!
Have purchased these in the past & panicked when I couldn't find them. Found them in Freshfinds catalog & was ecstatic!!! I use a lot of burgundy for decor & this one is so perfect. Thank you Freshfinds!
Sep 14, 2016
Good product for the price.
Was the perfect topper for our patio table. Easy to clean.
Sep 08, 2016
Good quality, but not large enough for a 60"
I purchased this for our 60" round table, and though it says 60" in size, I didn't see the fine print that says a 60" only fits a 57" table. So I tugged and tugged, and it still wouldn't fit. I gave it to my sister for her glass table, and she LOVES it! Even her neighbor came by and saw it and asked where she could get one. It has a nice feltish backing, and the cover is good quality. I recommend it if your table is under 57".
Aug 26, 2016
do not .purchase
poor quality, thin covering just picking up items from table your nails hit cover it tears
Aug 26, 2016
Aug 18, 2016
Very please with item. Find it is not heat proof. Also, easily small buckles. Have to be very careful.
Aug 17, 2016
Will not purchase again
Way too small
Aug 14, 2016
Yes, I would buy t again.
Very pleased with prduct.
Aug 06, 2016
I already ordered more table clothes for future use.
I luv the way it fits the tables
Jul 24, 2016
I absolutely love this tablecloth
Use on my kitchen table and it doesn't slidel around like a regular one.
Jul 23, 2016
The tablecloth was great but it did not fit. I sent it back and have Still not received a refund.
Jul 22, 2016
Good fit and design for stretch tablecloth
the stretch tablecloth is very well made, fits well and easy to care for. You have to put it in the dryer for a short time to get wrinkles out.
Jul 13, 2016
I would definitely buy this over and over..
These elasticized table clothes are just perfect. No cloth hanging down to get jerked off! Just wish there were sizes for big dining room tables that are rectangular.
Jul 12, 2016
Retraction of Last Review
Tablecloth is fine as long as it's not constantly used.My first cover was used at Christmas.OK for that.But second cover was daily use.Lasted only 1 month.Only 2 grown ups in our home so can't recommend,even though they look nice.
Jul 09, 2016
perfect fit 4 my table
Jun 24, 2016
elastic table cloths
Great product
May 22, 2016
Fitted tablecloth
I bought this tablecloth for my dining room table to play mahjong. I love it. The material is easy to wipe off.
May 21, 2016
just what i wanted looks great would recremend it to anyone
i use it in the dining area in an apartment which is small and for a round table color is oak and matches the chairs very easy to clean and looks great my son thought i had bought a new table
May 20, 2016
I wouldbuythis item again
It looks good on my table
May 15, 2016
It really didn't fit, so I'll be sending it back.
It didn't fit.
Apr 30, 2016
They are not what I thought and did not fit on my tables.
too small I don't have the catalog now but I thought I ordered something that would fit my tables. I would have sent the one I did not open back to you but I didn't have your address anymore..
Apr 29, 2016
Great value
I bought this green elastic table cover for my parents. It is a nice color of green, matches their decor nicely. It also fits on their oval table snugly so it is easy to wipe clean.
Apr 21, 2016
l Not wearing well. Already has small tears
I was going to write to your company. I am very unhappy w/the product. It is very thin material It has tares in it already. The one that I previously had from your company lasted for years. I only bought another one because I wanted a different pattern
Apr 11, 2016
Works well
I think you need to show more attractive designs and no so many dark colors.
Apr 10, 2016
Great tablecloth!
I bought this table cloth for a glass top round kitchen table that I got tired of wiping fingerprints off of! It looks great and fits perfectly.
Apr 07, 2016
" Very useful product!"
The wood grain design goes with any decor!
Apr 06, 2016
Will serve its purpose, lol.
Well it looks like the catalog shows it, though I'm not using it as a table cloth it will serve its purpose for my use well. Although it did have one flaw to it the plastic was cracked in one spot where it was folded. Didn't effect my use of it, but if I were to be using it as a table cloth it'd be going back.
Mar 25, 2016
I would buy this product again.
Product returned because I needed a larger size.
Mar 25, 2016
Too small
Have to find a use
Mar 24, 2016
Elasticized Tablecloths
It is very useful. It protects the table and doesn't hang down in the way and likely to be pulled off.
Mar 21, 2016
Elastic Table Cloth
I do not regret purchasing it and I would recommend to family and friends.
Mar 16, 2016
My 2nd Table Cover
Have a hard to fit table.Whenever one of these cloths were ordered,never seemed to fit right.But the cloths from this company run true to size.Have ordered 2 since Nov.Price is also reasonable.Seem to wear well.Satisfied.
Mar 05, 2016
paisley vinyl tablecloth
arrived on time. ask me about durability after a summer outside on a patio table.
Mar 03, 2016
oval shape tablecloth
I like the tablecloth but it had wrinkles in it. I put it on table hoping the wrinkles will smooth out.I also think the pad should be thicker. The old one I had the padding was thicker and smother also.I hope the tablecloth will be improve by the time I'm ready to replace this one.
Feb 27, 2016
Junk! Not full sized and will rip the thin vinyl if streched
Not correctly sized
Feb 15, 2016
Looks great, quality is poor.
thin plastic rips easily. I am very gently with what I own. Table is covered with this cloth and is mainly used to tutor my students. No reason why it should rip so easily. Will not buy it again!
Feb 05, 2016
It dos the job
There isn't any way to get the wrinkles out. I tried ironing on the fabric reverse side but the plastic still "melted" (got funny looking) and the wrinkles remain
Jan 31, 2016
Elasticized Tablecloth
I bought this tablecloth to cover a kitchen table at work that the finish was sticky and difficult to clean. This covered the problem and made it very easy to wipe down after lunch.
Jan 30, 2016
Perfect Color
Perfect for protecting wood when grand kids are playing. Great color and wood grain match for my table. It comes very wrinkled in the packaging, and I have had it on the table for four weeks and can't get the wrinkles out.
Jan 30, 2016
I washed it first . When I took out of the washer it was torn to pieces. I was very disappointed!
Jan 29, 2016
Loved it
Loved it and it fit my table great. Great for the holidays.
Jan 27, 2016
This is the best!
It is so hard to find oval large sizes! This is the best site. thanks so much
Jan 20, 2016
Very Disappointed
This item can not be installed by one person. It did not fit and it kept tearing when I tried to stretch it from one side to another and since it was a round table, it was impossible for one person to install it. When I tried to stretch it, it kept springing back.
Jan 14, 2016
I have bought this before and love it for crafting
I use it under table cloth when grandchildren come over to eat. For my crafting so the table wont get scratched from scissors. For playing games and jigsaw puzzles. Had my table for over 45 years and not a scratch on it.
Jan 12, 2016
I would purchase this item again. Good quality and colors.
This protects my antique oak table when we play dominoes and other games. A quiet, pretty cover for this purpose.
Jan 09, 2016
Looks nice all the time
The elastic on the outer edge of the tablecloth really helps to keep it on the table without being twisted or falling off somewhere. It is a very pretty design.
Jan 07, 2016
I would not buy this product again
The table cover came all crunched up in a small box and even though it fits good on the table the wrinkles have not smoothed out at all.
Jan 06, 2016
If any new colors come out you will be hearing from me again
I love them all. Every week I am able to change my kitchen colors. It really makes it easy for clean up. I add a couple of candles on the table for decoration with a floral arrangement and WOW!! What a difference. I LOVE THEM.
Jan 06, 2016
Very surprised that after one week there are holes since it is just my husband and I and we rarely use the table.
Jan 04, 2016
Loved the design on tablecloth.
The tablecloth was cut smaller than other fitted tablecloths I have bought elsewhere. It would not fit on my small kitchen table. However, I was able to use it on a card table, which tells you how small it was cut.
Jan 04, 2016
Nice table clothe
It was creased when I opened it, but I put it in the dryer on low for a few minutes and then put it right on the table. It fit smoothly after that. I've only used it once so I can't comment on durability.
Jan 04, 2016
Loved the design on tablecloth.
The tablecloth was cut very small. It did not fit my very small Kitchen table. However, I used it on a card table, which tells you how small it was. I bought it in small oval, which usually fits my table.
Dec 30, 2015
Loved it, great fit.
Great fit on my kitchen table.
Dec 29, 2015
Thin, but purposeful
Bought to protect fine wood tables from cat claws.
Dec 28, 2015
Finally found the perfect size!
My kitchen table is hard to fit with a gathered hem. This is the one site I found it!
Dec 25, 2015
Good for the value.
It is on my table for Christmas and looks good.
Dec 18, 2015
It's great but can't get the wrinkles out
Looks nice on the table but I can't get the wrinkles out.
Dec 17, 2015
Got this again!
Liked the first one so much we bought another!
Dec 11, 2015
very wrinkled, did not fit snug at all. A waste of money.
Did not fit.
Dec 10, 2015
Like the elasticity of the table cloth
I needed a cloth for the dining room table to protect it. I especially like the way this goes on and how easy it is to clean. It stays where it is put as well. Really like this!
Dec 03, 2015
Bad table cloth cover
Product was not useful; it did not fit the table we bought it for. In fact, when we covered the table we accidently tore a hole in it. It was a cheap product and did not appear to be made well.
Nov 26, 2015
Great Fit
Great fit, fast delivery
Nov 26, 2015
See above
Nov 21, 2015
works for me
just what I needed
Nov 15, 2015
Elasticized table cloth
Great for working on table top projects with grandchildren
Nov 12, 2015
Love this tablecloth
I use on my kitchen table. It protect my wood table and look my table. wonderful to use under my Christmas tablecloth too!
Oct 21, 2015
Wonderful product that I couldn't find anywhere else!
This tablecloth is very attractive and most vinyl tablecloths I saw when shopping were not. It was on back order but I had tried ordering it previously from two other stores and was told it was no longer available so was thrilled when I was told it was being shipped to me!
Oct 06, 2015
Very happy with the table topper
I put this on the table as soon as I received it. The green color was perfect, the fit was perfect, so I couldn't be more pleased!
Oct 05, 2015
Would recommend this item to everyone
Just what I needed to protect my wood kitchen table from stains and pets. Easy to put on and wipes clean in an instant.
Oct 04, 2015
wish I had ordered sooner
this tablecloth is perfect for my kitchen table not only does it protect my table it is very pretty
Oct 01, 2015
Just what I wanted
I use this to protect my kitchen table when the grandchildren come to visit. They like to do projects on the table and the table cover is perfect.
Sep 30, 2015
Can't keep it on the table
I had a very difficult time getting it on the table. It is hard to stretch to fit and I felt like I was chasing my tail trying to get it to fit my round table. If you bump it slightly it starts rolling and then zings off the table. I have given up and am not using it anymore.
Sep 27, 2015
Did not fit my 60inch rnd table. I was very disapointed.
It was suppose to fit up to 6o in. table, but it didn't fit my 60in. table.
Sep 26, 2015
really happy
product was exactly as presented, worked well, look great. quality was good.
Sep 25, 2015
Pretty good for the money
Fits nice and snug on our round kitchen table - Looks pretty good if you dont mind seeing some wrinkles. They are impossible to get out, the only place it was not full of wrinkles was the little square area that it was packaged in. I tried throwing it in the dryer with a damp cloth, I tried ironing it with a towel on the top (have to be careful, it's plastic), I even tried my steamer - NOTHING takes out the wrinkles. Even so, for the price, it was okay does the job.
Sep 09, 2015
elasticized tablecloths
Easy to clean Won't slide off the table Limited patterns and colors
Sep 02, 2015
I was waiting long time for it.
I use the product on my dinning table
Sep 01, 2015
Better than expected
Originally bought to cover my table for craft projects, but looks good enough to use all the time. Fits well.
Aug 29, 2015
It came ALL wrinkled because of terrible wrapping. I serious
It came all wrinkled because of terrible being wrapped. I'm seriously thinking of returning it TO be replaced
Aug 29, 2015
I have bought this item for personal use and as a gift
Durable, easy to clean and attractive
Aug 10, 2015
did not fit table by half. Is now in bag for Good Will.
Did not begin to stretch to fit half of 48 inch table
Jul 14, 2015
Just what I wanted.
Ordered these in the past. Very good quality. That's why I'm reordering.
Jul 09, 2015
Fit much better than some others I have purchased.
44-48 inch tablecloths fit much better for our dining table when the extension is out ! Txs. for a good product and sensible pricing.
Jul 06, 2015
Worked Great
They look great on the table
Jul 01, 2015
Very please with my elastic tablecloth,
Very please, it protect my table very well. It was delivered as quoted.
Jun 28, 2015
Great Idea!
I've gotten many outdoor tablecloths through the years and they've always fallen short for some reason. While some were very stylish, all were annoying when the wind came up and even the tablecloth clips couldn't keep them in place; they'd just fly off to parts unknown! Plus, the overhang can be more of a nuisance than anything else. I finally found this product and voila! Problems solved! I bought the large oblong size even though it wasn't supposed to fit the longer end of my table. I wrestled it on there anyway, cut an "x" in the center for the umbrella, and it works like a charm! I'll never go back to the other kind again! My only complaint would be the lack of pattern choices. I ended up with the simple light green and beige "toile-like" design and it works fine. Might have chosen a check or polka dot if they were available. Overall, I'm delighted!
Jun 28, 2015
Just the right size
I bought this table cover to use on our deck tabletop. Some flaws in the tabletop needed to be covered and this cover works wonderfully. I have a 42-inch tabletop and this fit perfectly. And as icing on a cake the green print matches the color of our new umbrella. I will most definitely buy another one when this one wears out.
Jun 15, 2015
Easy clean up
Very easy to install and looks neat. Tears too easily.
Jun 11, 2015
Never fails!
For casual ding, you can't beat this table cover. Have bought these for years. Better than having to wash each time you eat. Just wipe off! Perfect!
May 27, 2015
Perfect fit!
This is perfect for our dining room table. It looks nice and it stays in place. I love the elastic design. Everyone asks where I got it!
May 10, 2015
elasticized tablecloths
on outside table
May 01, 2015
Love it!
I have a glass table top and get tired of having to clean the finger prints off. Place mats simply didn't solve the issue. This tablecloth does. I simply wipe it clean,fold it up,and put it away until the next use. Love it!
Apr 26, 2015
A great tablecloth for the breakfast room
I wanted a simple tablecloth for the breakfast room table that would be simple to clean. This round vinyl tablecloth with elastic on the boarder is perfect. The color (burgundy) compliments the rug beneath the table and if anything spills on the table it is an easy clean.
Apr 19, 2015
just what I wanted
This washable tabecloth is perfect with young grandchildren visiting frequently. It is cinch to put on once u find the best way for u. What I love is that it matches the wood grain on our wood table so it has a natural appearance.
Apr 18, 2015
every day
Mar 08, 2015
I plan to buy this product again.
I purchased this elastized table cloth to cover the well worn top on my kitchen table . I fit perfectly and made quite an improvement to my kitchen. I can use any placemats and decorate my kitchen as I like. I plan to get another one for a different season and to have on hand. We really like it.
Mar 07, 2015
Does the job
Use as a cover for dinning room table when grandkids are doing crafts at the table.
Jan 14, 2015
Just Okay
Would like if it was a little thicker and more durable. I ordered 3 of these table cloths and only ever received 1 of them. The one that I received fits nicely on the table and stays in place. It is unfortunately very thin plastic/fabric and already has multiple little holes in it just from someone picking up a knife off of the table cloth or setting a wicker bowl on the table that punctured the fabric. It might as well be a piece of decorated plastic wrap for how well it holds up. I think these are a good idea but poorly executed. Like I said, the fit was great and the pattern alright for the holidays (the one I received was the poinsettia) but worth repeating, way to thin and not durable at all. And lastly, where are the other 2 that I ordered? Even though these aren't great- they might last a couple of weeks tops- they are better than nothing.
Jan 01, 2015
Old and beat-up
I have not had a chance to contact you since we tried out the table cover. It has little slits all over it in the vinyl layer. I get the impression that it has been in a bag too long and the slits are from either too thin vinyl or too aged. I am truly disappointed and will be returning it.
Dec 30, 2014
table cloths
I have one and I like it very much. I have had it for 3 years.
Dec 27, 2014
Not sure since it does not fit
Since it would not fit on my table that I did measure, I am not sure if it would look better than the wrinkled mess I received.
Dec 11, 2014
Does what it's supposed to
First, it takes two people to get this on a table because it needs to be stretched from both ends to get it on. And, even if you get the wrinkles out of the top (hard to do), the sides will always have wrinkles, making it unattractive to me. If I have guests I still cover my table with a cloth. But for everyday use its easy to clean and does what it's supposed to.
Nov 28, 2014
Very nice product.
I ordered the paisley design which is very neutral. The 60" cover fits my 48" table perfectly. It's well worth the cost.
Nov 26, 2014
Would buy again
the fit was perfect no overhang
Nov 10, 2014
I would buy this product again
I like the way ths table cloth fits + matches the table .
Oct 25, 2014
This tablecloth works great for me.
Great thing is the tablecloth I bought is mahogany and that's the same as my table and chairs - great match!
Aug 09, 2014
Hard-to-Find oval style makes me happy
I have a 72"L by 52"W oval table. I prefer a fitted tablecloth for everyday use, so was happy to find this one. My table is oak, so I ordered the oak color, but the tablecloth itself looks more like walnut. Nonetheless, it's still attractive enough for everyday use and such a breeze to simply wipe off. I managed to smooth out most of the wrinkles by putting a double thickness ironing cloth directly on the tablecloth after I installed it on the table, and ironed it while it was ON the table! It's still a little bit wrinkled on the sides, where I couldn't get my iron, but really.. it looks pretty good. Judge for yourself (photo attached)
Aug 07, 2014
I like it. It fits my table nicely.
I have not had this item long enough to know how it will hold up over time but I am hoping for the best.
Jun 26, 2014
easy to clean but not durable
Very easy to clean and attractive even though there were a few wrinkles. Wrinkles eventually smooth over time. Not at all durable. Will easily tear with moderate use. I still like product for the price and fits well with my decor.
May 14, 2014
Exactly what I expected
I have had other vinyl tablecloths, but I like the way this one fits. It's elasticized and doesn't slip or slide on the table.
Apr 22, 2014
i love both they lookgreat
On dining table
Mar 26, 2014
Attractive Tablecloth
For outdoor use, the tablecloth makes an attractive addition to patio furniture. Good value for the $$ and easy to clean.
Mar 06, 2014
I ordered the wrong color, but kept it
I should have called instead of ordering online because there were TWO tablecloths marked "green" -- one a marbled green, the other plain. I wanted the plain one and received the marbled. I didn't want to have to pay postage to return, so I kept it anyway. It looks fine, just not as good a match as the plain would have been.
Feb 22, 2014
Elasticized Tableclothes
Besides the wrinkles. I had read the reviews before purchased. It is a nice product. Easy to clean. My husband does not like placemats. So this is the next best thing to protect the wood table.
Jan 25, 2014
elasticized tablecloth
like color
Jan 25, 2014
elasticized tablecloths
We have a very small round table and this works great, however wish they made them like this with material.
Jan 02, 2014
elasticized oval vinyl tablecloth
Warming in the dryer with a damp towel then quickly stretching it onto the table helped eliminate many big wrinkles. General texture is not smooth.
Jan 01, 2014
Great for daily use
I used this table cover to protect a teak dinning table under a tablecloth and for daily use. I like the elastic that keeps this one tucked under and not showing when I use a fancier tablecloth on top.
Dec 29, 2013
Fitted Tablecloth
Stays in place on the table. Easy to clean. Smooth, cleanable surface for card / game playing,
Dec 09, 2013
Long Sought Replacement
Have been looking for a tasteful replacement for a similar style tablecloth that had seen better days. Finally saw same in a randomly received catalogue, so took a chance. Initial feeling positive; now if it is as easy to clean and durable like the one it replaces we will be happy campers. Delivery was much faster than anticipated.
Dec 02, 2013
fit and color was good. very wrinkled
The color was as I expected. The fit was perfect. The only complaint is that it was so wrinkled and I spent almost 2 hours with a damp towel and steam iron and didn't get much improvement. I will keep trying .
Nov 25, 2013
Nice looking cloths
I ordered 2 of these cloths and they are a nice covering for my table. My only dissatisfaction is that they are so wrinkled. I have had them for about a month and the wrinkles are still not out. I have tried wetting and hanging, stretching, they just won't come out.
May 29, 2013
No More plastic clamps for windy days
A nice snug fit although a little tricky putting on the table. Wrinkles even out after a few days. No more plastic clamps holding down a tablecloth on windy days. This is my second one.
Mar 25, 2013
Good but thin
The elastic is nice, however, I have 53" round table top with a 2 inch high base under it that is slighly recessed. If I put the elastic under table top lip, then it bunches up - if I try to extend it to the lip below, I can only do it on one side of the table and the other side is just under table top. Also, I bought this to protect the new table when the kids use paper plates, but its very thin and the table was not protected from anything except liquid.
Sep 16, 2012
I would buy this product again
I use on my kitchen table - fits and looks great.
May 03, 2012
I like the elasticized tablecloth
I was very pleased with the tablecloth and plan to order more.
Apr 15, 2012
would buy this product again & Recommed
Fits table very well, easy to clean does not hang off of table as original tablecloths. Good if young kids are around.
Mar 08, 2012
Problem taken care of
First tablecloth had white spots that wouldn't come off. A replacement cloth was shipped and I am very happy with it and the ease of getting a new cloth.
Nov 15, 2011
nice cover my table great
it is fine
Aug 24, 2011
Elastic is the way to go
I just love this product for my craft tables. It makes clean-up easy and protects my wood tables from paint, scratches, etc. I wish they had some to fit my 60 inch table.
Mar 24, 2011
Having several large size individuals at the table , a regular table cloth gets easily pulled to one side or the other. This product eleminates that problem. We absolutely love it! And thanks so much for carrying the larger round size.
Mar 23, 2011
Nice Fit
Nice tablecloth,Love the design
Mar 22, 2011
I love my tablecloth and would recommend
It fits my table just perfect and protects it
Mar 03, 2011
Unique idea to solve a common problem
I love this tablecloth! It is beautiful as well as funtional. It not only protects the table,it looks great. I am happy I no longer have to constantly adjust the placemats I had on the table before or constantly fix the tablecloth that always moved to one side. Great product at a great price!
Jan 29, 2011
Unbeliveably Great!
I really love this table cover. It works as advertised and is durable and easy to clean. It stays in place while you are cleaning. A GREAT VALUE for the price. I'm about to order more!
Item Number Product Description Availability
5132 48" Round - Antique Fruit In Stock
5133 48" Round - Red 2-3 Weeks
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5134 48" Round - Green In Stock
5135 48" Round - Beige In Stock
5137 48" Round - Holiday Holly Late November
View Note
5139 60" Round - Antique Fruit 2-3 Weeks
View Note
5140 60" Round - Red In Stock
5141 60" Round - Green In Stock
5142 60" Round - Beige In Stock
5144 60" Round - Holiday Holly Late November
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5146 52" x 76" Oval - Antique Fruit In Stock
5147 52" x 76" Oval - Red In Stock
5148 52" x 76" Oval - Green In Stock
5149 52" x 76" Oval - Beige In Stock
5151 52" x 76" Oval - Holiday Holly Late November
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5433 48" Round - Olive In Stock
5434 60" Round - Olive In Stock
5435 52" x 76" Oval - Olive In Stock
5940 Coffee / 48" Round In Stock
5941 Coffee / 60" Round In Stock
5942 Coffee / 52" x 76" Oval In Stock
6941 48" Round - Mahogany In Stock
6942 48" Round - Oak 2-3 Weeks
View Note
6943 48" Round - Pine 2-3 Weeks
View Note
6945 60" Round - Mahogany In Stock
6946 60" Round - Oak 2-3 Weeks
View Note
6947 60" Round - Pine 2-3 Weeks
View Note
6949 52"X76" Oval - Mahogany 2-3 Weeks
View Note
6950 52"X76" Oval - Oak 2-3 Weeks
View Note
6951 52"X76" Oval - Pine 2-3 Weeks
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