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A click is all it takes to safely back up and store your entire digital photo collection. When you plug in this USB device, it automatically searches your computer and copies all of your photos. Its smart system identifies duplicate photos… and skips them! There’s no software to install or passwords to remember. PC & Mac compatible.


Based on 16 reviews
Aug 15, 2016
Must be Windows only
Does not seem to work with Mac. Great for someone with Windows.
Aug 14, 2016
could not make it work with i phone
Took pictures off PC haven't Taken then to get some printed yet.Seems to work well
Jul 05, 2016
Easy to use
Very easy to use. Peace of mind knowing I won't lose my photos stored on my computer.
Jun 01, 2016
Not as expected
Expected to get more photos saved
Apr 27, 2016
picture keeper
This is nothing more than a zip drive, and an 8 gig zip drive costs considerably less
Jan 20, 2016
No instructions for Window 10
This product is for Windows 8 and older. Not Windows 10.
Jan 08, 2016
Picture Keeper
Ideal for the many pictures I take from my travels.
Nov 03, 2015
Product advertising can be more clear
I ordered the 4000 pics capacity, but it only held 2140 pics. I called the seller, and he said that some pics are higher bite consumption than some "normal" pics. Always order the higher capacity. They sent me another 4000 capacity drive to save my remaining pics.
Oct 24, 2015
It was easy
Needed an easy way to save all my digital pictures. Using the Picture Minder was easy.
Sep 10, 2015
Just purchased this item and have not tried it yet.
Slick item hope it works will try it later after the computer is fixed.
Jun 23, 2015
Picture taker USB
grand daughter will use it to organize all her pics she has on her lapop.
Jun 13, 2015
Nice Product
Great for downloading photos off of a tablet/laptop to free up disc space.
Apr 24, 2015
So Easy To Use
I needed something to store my on-line pictures on. I love that it will not repeat pictures already on it. It was so easy to use, the directions spot on. Now have room for more.
Oct 28, 2014
Drive does not copy/backup full 8K as ad
I purchased the 8K version. I had some 5K pictures. Not all 5K fit on the 8K, I had to purchase a second 8K to finish the copy/back-up project.SKC
Apr 22, 2014
8gb Picture Keeper
This USB is easy to use but does not hold even close to what it advertises. I have everyday pictures of grandkids, vacations, etc. I got 3,000 pictues on an 8GB. FreshFinds only advertised a 4gb and 8gb for sale when I bought it. After I buy it and use it then I get on-line advertisement for bigger USB and/or bigger programs to save pictures. I was very disappointed not to have seen this information in the first place.
Mar 29, 2014
Picture Keeper
Save carrying albums to the house of a friend who has a PC or to scroll through your own pictures quickly and easily at home. Will only copy the picture once so there is no duplication. It is a very nice product that is simple to use. No program to load to hard drive, etc. I find nothing to say negatively about the produt.
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8887 4 GB In Stock
8888 8 GB In Stock
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