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Send water straight away from your home or garden. Extend it. Bend it. Connect it. Bury it. Flex-A-Spout® holds its shape no matter how much you twist and turn it. And since it’s expandable from 25"-55"-long, you’ll have no trouble diverting water from your foundation, around trees… whatever is in the way! Need a longer length? Just snap on another spout. Made in the USA of tough, weather-resistant polypropylene. Fits 2" x 3" or 3" x 4" downspouts.

"Got it to stop ponding. Worked!" -Customer in Maine


Based on 14 reviews
Apr 24, 2017
Drain directs rain runoff away from our home. Issue ...solved
Oct 17, 2016
Sep 01, 2016
Does what it says
Got it to stop ponding. Worked!
Aug 26, 2016
Directs water away from mulch.
Jul 13, 2016
Flex-a-spout joints leak
Design is attractive but when two or more of these spouts are snapped together they leak at that joint. They still funnel a lot of water away from house so they do function as described.
Jul 10, 2016
Great product
Great to use to avoid flooding !
May 11, 2016
love it.... does just what I needed will be purchasing another one
May 02, 2016
Not what it was cracked up to be
There was no directions showing how o connect two together just said cut here. They did not fit together. they sell the same thing cheaper at a local shop and they didn't know how to tell us how to fit them together.
Aug 06, 2015
Happy with construction of product. Hope it will be continue to be durable and stand up to our Arizona heat.
May 11, 2015
Great Product
This does EXACTLY what it should. I needed to drain water away from a frost free faucet and this worked perfectly. Great price - does what it says. Also the color matched my brown downspout.
Apr 22, 2015
Ideal for connecting to another source
I purchased the flex a spout to connect a down spout to a rain barrel because I could not find a metal gutter piece that would work. The only issue is getting it to stay connected to the gutter so i have to use a pipe tightener to hold it on.
Aug 05, 2014
Flex-A-Spout Meets the Need
Product fits end of down spout perfectly. Agree with other reviewers that it is not flexible, but I did not need it to be flexible. It is durable and functional.
Jul 31, 2014
not so flexible
I expected this to be flexible but it really isnt.
Dec 07, 2013
Where is the "flex" in flex-a-spout?
This was a gift to a person needing an extension on a down spout. However, it is not as flexible as it needs to be to serve her purpose.
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